World 1-3 – New Super Mario Bros Guide and Walkthrough

Star Coins: World 1-3

This is our Star Coin guide for World 1-3 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii. This guide will also show you the secret alternate exit that takes you to the Warp Cannon for World 5. Your first use of Yoshi is in this level and he’s located in the middle of a triple ?-block just after the first Hammer Bro.

Star Coin #1 – Is in plain view right after you get Yoshi from the middle of the triple ?-block after the Hammer Bro. Use Yoshi’s flutter jump by holding down the jump button. Yoshi will jump and then, jump a little bit more on his own. Easy Star Coin. You can also just Propeller Mario up there if you still have the Propeller Suit.

Star Coin #2 – Right afer the Midway Flag Mario will come to a tight series of 3 pipes, then 2 pipes. There is a hidden area if you go into the side of the hill from on top of the 3rd pipe in the first series. This will actually get you into the first of the second group of pipes under the hill. Then do another Yoshi flutter jump to get the second Star Coin.

Warp Cannon to World 5 – Mario will immediately come to a yellow pipe with a Piranha Plant and a group of 3 square hills. Above these hills you’ll notice a small outcropping on the top of the world. Jump up there. This is a hidden area with a lot of coins. But to get to the Warp Cannon we want to stay right at this first lip. Yoshi jump up and above the screen and then you need to jump off Yoshi with a flip of the Remote at the top of the jump to get above the level on the right. Follow this all the way to the right to enter a hidden pipe and find the secret exit.

Star Coin #3 – Just past this hidden area with the coins in a Star Coin in plain view. Wait for the Piranha Plant to go back into the tube and then use the red pipe as a jumping block to get the Star Coin.

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