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Jacoblưu ý : Dots to any i or j are attached và all letters of the same word / name are attached, fonts is thickened for durability .

  • WE COPY & PASTE your phrase
  • NO all capitalized words, either title-case or all lowercase for each word. All capitals will automatically be converted to title case.
  • ★55″+ sizes require 3 word MINIMUM for each line of text
  • ★48″ sizes & under require 2 word minimum for first line of text.
  • If choosing the painted option from the drop down menu, please state color. If no color stated, but painted option selected – sign is black by default.

INCORRECT word count requirement may cause the order to be cancelled.

★IF YOU CHOOSE UNPAINTED – YOUR SIGN WILL NOT BE PAINTED. If you would like your sign to be painted, please select the painted option in the menu – Then in the notes state your color choice from our color chart pictured in the listing.

♥No single words per line.
Largest 3 word phrase possible is 60″ wide.
Largest 6 word phrase possible is 60″ wide, 2 lines of text
Largest 9 word phrase possible is 60″ wide, 3 lines of text
Largest 12 word phrase possible is 60″ wide, 4 lines of text

♥How do lines of text work, what are they for?
If you were to order 30″ wide, 2 lines of text – We will create all your text on a single typed out line & size it to 60″ wide (30″x2)
If you were to order 30″ wide, 3 lines of text – We will create all your text on a single typed out line & size it to 90″ wide (30″x3).
This is will get ensure you get full amount of material paid for.

♥ Measurements listed are width / length ( left to right ). Height will vary with the number of words on each line và in the specific phrase, number of lines chosen. Refer to pictured examples .
❤ Each word is it’s own piece và not connected to other words. So each word can be arranged in any way possible once they arrive
❤ Beautifully và perfectly cut modern script circle wood signs words. Choose your number of lines of text và kích cỡ options from the drop xuống dốc thực đơn to see your price .

30″ lines of text & under should keep around 2-3 words per line.

❤ The more words or the more wordy a single line becomes, the smaller the text will appear in the given, chosen width, the height will decrease. Please refer to pictured example .
Hanging : Small nails, double sided mounting tape, glue, mounting putty, etc. Whichever will work best for you và your walls. ( We vì not include any hanging adhesives ) Please follow directions on any package of hanging method you choose before hanging .
❤ We will make the longest line of text the chosen width. Not all lines of text will be exactly the width chosen, only one line will be the exact chosen width. We will bởi our best to keep all lines of text equal without ruining the clarity, proportionality of the words to one another .

♥Laser cut from maple mdf, 1/4 inch thick (6mm)

♥ * Note * This is made from real maple wood, in some cases ( depending on màu as well ) where a wood knot or wood grain may be visible, this DOES NOT mean defective, it’s simply a natural occurrence in the wood .

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