Why is the Lincoln penny the only colored coin and why is his head turned the other way than the others.? – ForNoob

Well, outside of the dollar coin (which is made out of a brass alloy), the cent is the only “colored” coin because it’s the only one with a copper coating (over a zinc core). All the rest of the coins are made with an alloy of 75% copper, and 25% nickel. The nickel is that composition all the way through, while the dime, quarter, and half have two outer layers of that material bonded to a copper core.

Lincoln is facing right because when Theodore Roosevelt was president, he saw a plaque of Lincoln done by a sculptor named Victor Brenner. He contacted Brenner, and asked him to design a cent based on the Lincoln portrait on the plaque. Since Lincoln was facing right on the plaque, he’s facing right on the cent.

So why are all the other coins facing left? It’s just a coincidence. They were done by four different men over 30+ years, during both Republican and Democratic administrations. As others have pointed out, we’ve had other right facing coins, including the Franklin half, which was designed by the same artist who did the left facing portrait of Roosevelt on the dime.

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