What is Coinlancer?

Coinlancer (CL)




The current state of the online job environment is growing, but can be frustrating at the same time. Online freelancing platform and job markets are plugged by issues like unexplained suspensions, inefficient workflow methods, prolonged disputes, and excessive fees among other things. The Blockchain technology present job seekers and online freelancer platforms they can use one of them being the Coinlancer. Coinlancer is one of the most amazing applications based on the blockchain technology. It’s an innovative new Ethereum based decentralized job market designed to empower both clients and freelancers worldwide. The platform offers an alternative to traditional freelancing sites that face many issues.

Coinlancer timeline

The platform token sale took place in October 2017 and the platform MVP was launched in November the same year. The distribution of token is planned for 22nd December 2017. On January 2018, Coinlancer plans to add additional features such as the Coinlancer app and third-party integrations cloud support. February 2018 they will include UX/UI upgrades, solutions, and platform upgrades and continue with other upgrades and updates all year through.

Coinlancer token and ICO

The Coinlancer platform uses the CL token as its utility token. Services on the platform can be acquired or delivered using the CL token. It also uses the Ethereum technology for its token. The token is tradable across various exchanges and can be offered as payment options across multiple e-commerce platforms and payment gateways.

The platform launched its ICO in October 2017 which came to a conclusion on November 15th, 2017. A total of 300 million tokens were available during the token sale. The token price was 1CL equals 0.25 USD, 93% of token were distributed among users, and 2% from bounties and 5% was reserved for the Coinlancer team. The ICO happened just a week after the launch of the platform.

Coinlancer team

Coinlancer is led by CEO Ian Viner and CFO Rushabh Shah. Charles Voltron is the technical director, Dhaval Parekh, the director. The team also includes a team of directors led by Per Lind and George Kimionis both of them who are ICO advisor and Katrina Arden, a legal advisor among others.

The platform appears to be the ideal platform that offers solutions to many issues that traditional freelancing and online job markets face. It provides a detailed whitepaper, detailed terms and conditions and comprehensive terms of token sale on the platform for its users. It also has a complete team breakdown with their social media references.




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