I have vowed, though, to keep an open mind.

From Slate Magazine

Brother or not, he vows to fight fiercely to protect his company.

From Slate Magazine

He vows to make them affordable so that kids everywhere can get outside and be more active in their wheelchairs.

From ABC News

Officials vowed to appeal as soon as it was handed down, claiming they had not been allowed to present their side in court.

From Dallas Morning News

Make a vow from the start that you’ll always be on the same team.

From Huffington Post

Now, the company is vowing to clean up the mess, but may never build a store.

From New York Daily News

If we vow to give only what is needed, then we need to know exactly what is needed.

From Huffington Post

He vowed to rid the nation of crime in a matter of months with a vividly apocalyptic vision that involved eliminating “all” suspected criminals.

From Washington Post

The couple exchanged vows under the arch and exited the ceremony amid sparklers.

From Huffington Post

We now vow to bring our practices and methods of teaching more into alignment with our deepest values.

From Huffington Post

Despite his condition, he vowed to run again only last month and refused to take a leave of absence.

From The Star-Ledger – NJ.com

Authorities have also vowed to put in place tighter restrictions on the private market.

From International Business Times

Start with something easily attainable, like vowing not to hit snooze tomorrow — not even once.

From Huffington Post

The activists have vowed to face jail rather than resist arrest.

From The Atlantic

He vowed to eliminate backlogs in business filings by processing them in five or fewer business days.

From Los Angeles Times

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