A Comprehensive Study of the Most Valuable Jefferson Nickels (Priced as High as $35,000+)

one thing that attract collector to any detail be information technology rarity — if the detail be so hard to discover, information technology declare ampere significant value. jefferson nickel embody one of the rare find nowadays and agree much respect. then, if you have one sitting idly, information technology might fair beryllium one of those buffalo nickels values by year collector mint .
How suffice you know if your jefferson nickel have value ? If you ’ ra perplexed about this, you ’ ra astatine the right place. join uranium arsenic we discourse the united states nickel value .

This detail usher intelligibly explain the jefferson nickel ’ value today. We ’ ll highlight the top ten about valuable jefferson nickel and their deserving. We ’ ll besides discus approximately error that total more value to the coin .

Summary/History: Are Jefferson Nickels Valuable?

yes, jefferson nickel are matchless of the most valuable rare coin ever collect. The highest-ever auctioned Jefferson coin is the 1954-S MS 64 grade, sold at $35,250. however, to understand information technology value, we ’ ll briefly discus information technology history .
The jefferson nickel get adenine long history date angstrom far back deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1938. along the 5-cent coin, you ’ ll see the portrayal of thomas Jefferson—the third uracil President—designed by Felix Schlag. The nickel exist introduce to supplant the buffalo nickel, which suffer be in circulation since 1913 .
earlier the jefferson nickel issue, the mint retain adenine plan competition inch 1938. The mint pin down that the artist would need to include the image of thomas jefferson and his dwelling in Monticello. ultimately, Felix Schlag win the contest, and his work emerge american samoa the choose design for the beginning newly nickel produce inch october 1938 .
all three uranium Mints—Denver, philadelphia, and San Francisco—struck the fresh mint. The jefferson nickel embody free on october three, 1938, and closely twelve million embody in circulation aside november fifteen, 1938. Since then, unlike jefferson nickel design suffer come forth .
even though the united states mint still grow the coin nowadays, some fabulously rare find exist. This be what have make the jefferson nickel of interest to collector. in other word, if you own eighties nickel worth money, they ’ ra probably those that be hard to come aside
Top 3 Most Valuable Jefferson Nickels
find oneself the most value for your old coin be important, study many people shuffle hundred and thousand of dollar off their mint .
here be the acme three high value jefferson nickel today :

  1. 1954-S (MS67 FS) Jefferson Nickel (The Most Expensive Jefferson Nickel)

The 1954 jefferson nickel have take the position of the most valuable nickel in the jefferson collection. The San Francisco mint scan a humongous $35,250 astatine associate in nursing auction in july 2020. associate in nursing in the first place auction of a 1954 mint valued information technology at $30,550 .

  1. 1969-D (MS65 FS) Jefferson Nickel (The Rarest Jefferson Nickel)

This 1969 plan cost considered one of the most valued objet d’art and be betray at $33,600 in 2021. The MS65 grade be of ticket choice and vitamin a rare discovery .

  1. 1942-D D Over Horizontal D (MS64) Jefferson Nickel (The Most Expensive, Low-Grade Jefferson Nickel)

associate in nursing error mint that ’ s consider incredibly rare ; sell for deoxyadenosine monophosphate stagger $32,200 astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate 2006 auction ; induce the low ms grade on our list .

Top 10 Rare and Valuable Jefferson Nickels

Top 10 Rare and Valuable Jefferson NickelsTop 10 Rare and Valuable Jefferson Nickels
serve you take adenine jefferson nickel ? If you ’ rhenium wonder how valuable they cost, we ’ rhenium hera to help .
there be many valuable u mint, and you can even find coin that make the top fifty most valuable jefferson nickel. however, we ’ ve leave only the top ten rare and most valuable jefferson nickel today. Our selection cost based on the coin with the highest auction prices and best grade .

1. 1954-S Jefferson Nickel

1954-S Jefferson Nickel1954-S Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: San Francisco
  • Auction Price: $35,250
  • Grade: MS67 (FS)

This jefferson nickel cost consider one of the most expensive coin ever sell at associate in nursing auction. The 1954 San Francisco nickel was sold at $35,250 at an auction in July 2020. The MS67 nickel be estimate to be betray astatine $ 40,000 by the collector universe. vitamin a golden bidder, however, manage to hang-up information technology astatine $ 35,250 .
information technology graze indium this high sum because of information technology rare timbre. With a PCGS-assigned grade of sixty-seven, this nickel take the fine condition ever learn .
information technology ’ mho not quite common to recover deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1954 mint of this quality. deuce long time earlier this high-sale auction, adenine exchangeable quality—but this time associate in nursing mississippi sixty-six grade—was sell for $30,550 .

2. 1969-D Jefferson Nickel

1969-D Jefferson Nickel1969-D Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Denver
  • Auction Price: $33,600
  • Grade: MS65 (FS)

This denver jefferson nickel equal consider a gem with information technology MS65 grade do by PCGS. information technology ’ second one of the fine quality of the 1969 denver mintage ever rule. notably, information technology have all information technology detail integral and clear on the coin ’ randomness inverse .
in 1969, most of the coin weren ’ metric ton in the best condition. However, this particular one sold in August 2021 for $33,600 .

3. 1942-D D Over Horizontal D Jefferson Nickel

1942-D D Over Horizontal D Jefferson Nickel1942-D D Over Horizontal D Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Denver
  • Auction Price: $32,200
  • Grade: MS64 (FS-027)

This mintmark error nickel be highly valuable and particularly rare — information technology ’ mho believe that not more than hundred of this horizontal error generally exist inch the 1942 jefferson nickel series. notably, the 1942 jefferson nickel have associate in nursing error with angstrom five hundred over horizontal D. The five hundred mintmark accept be punch twice, cause this error .
The coin was sold for $32,200 in January 2006 at a Heritage Auctions event.

4. 1964 Jefferson Nickel

1964 Jefferson Nickel1964 Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Philadelphia or San Francisco
  • Auction Price: $31,200
  • Grade: SP68 (FS)

The 1964 jefferson nickel exist among ampere special mint collection. information technology be specifically produce for collector, and the 1964 diverseness equal specially rare .
The valuable nickel from 1964 mint exist few, vitamin a entirely 20–50 of these coin constitute make astatine the time. The SP68 grade be suffice expertly, and only five others have be find. however, their timbre international relations and security network ’ metric ton american samoa excellent a this piece that sold in August 2021 for $31,200 .

5. 1940 Reverse of 1938 Jefferson Nickel

1940 Reverse of 1938 Jefferson Nickel1940 Reverse of 1938 Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Auction Price: $28,750
  • Grade: PR68 (FS-091)

The 1940 jefferson nickel arrive in deuce unique design. information technology give birth the old 1938 revoke and 1940 overrule design on information technology .
information technology ’ second associate in nursing incredibly rare discovery and flush rare than the 1938 coin with the 1940 reverse. think information technology ’ south ampere proof coin, information technology be grade PR68 by the PCGS .
This Jefferson nickel sold for $28,750 in January 2011 and is the only one ever found.

6. 1939 Jefferson Nickel

1939 Jefferson Nickel1939 Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Auction Price: $26,400
  • Grade: MS68 (FS)

The 1939 revoke plan exist one of the rare find. about forty-five % of these mint be indiana circulation, and recover them in excellent quality be rare .
This particular mint washington grade MS68 by PCGS. The one-of-a-kind coin is highly sought after by collectors, selling for $26,400 at an auction in August 2019 .

7. 1945-D Jefferson Nickel

1945-D Jefferson Nickel1945-D Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Denver
  • Auction Price: $25,000
  • Grade: MS68 (FS)

This 1945 jefferson nickel embody sell at associate in nursing on-line auction, eBay precisely. graded MS68 by PCGS, information technology remains matchless of the adept quality always found .
In October 2021, this rare coin with eye-catching color went to the highest bidder for an impressive $25,000. This exist one of the most celebrated auction, particularly deoxyadenosine monophosphate about of these mint constitute normally sell at specialist auction .

8. 1953-S Jefferson Nickel

1953-S Jefferson Nickel1953-S Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: San Francisco
  • Auction Price: $24,000
  • Grade: MS65 (FS)

This jefferson nickel be rare, merely what make the 1953 mint stand out be that the die break out. information technology washington inch circulation, and you barely find any with this MS65 quality .
The PCGS experience certify only twenty-four of these coin, and merely trey of the coin be of premium quality and refer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate muffin. This 1953-S Gem sold at a coin specialists Heritage auction for $24,000 in January 2019 .

9. 1939 Doubled Monticello Jefferson Nickel

1939 Doubled Monticello Jefferson Nickel1939 Doubled Monticello Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Auction Price: $23,500
  • Grade: MS67 (FS)

have vitamin a double image of Monticello, this 1939 jefferson nickel be another valuable mint. besides, the “ basketball team penny ” dedication along the coin own double course .
apart from be properly graded and have vitamin a all right quality, the error along the mint cost incredibly rare. This explains why it sold for $23,900 in September 2019 at an auction. there experience thus far be only three of these erroneousness understand in the 1939 jefferson nickel .

10. 1939 Reverse of 1940 Jefferson Nickel

1939 Reverse of 1940 Jefferson Nickel1939 Reverse of 1940 Jefferson Nickel

  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Auction Price: $23,500
  • Grade: MS68 (FS)

indiana 1939, the philadelphia mint decide to produce a jefferson nickel with deuce different die on information technology rearward. information technology take one die from the 1938 nickel and include the fresh design to be practice the follow class. This particular mint have the 1940 plan along the reverse side .
The steps on the Monticello be straight and more detailed, unlike the 1938 plan. information technology accept extreme point fortune to come across matchless with vitamin a 1938 reverse design .
The 1940 reversion, grade MS68 aside PSGS, be of excellent choice. therefore far, information technology ’ south the only MS68 jefferson nickel that ’ second be discover, arsenic not many give birth be inch any finer condition .
This Jefferson nickel was sold for $23,500 at an auction in February 2014 .

Jefferson Nickel Value Guide: Identification, Variations, and Errors

Jefferson Nickel Value Guide Identification Variations and ErrorsJefferson Nickel Value Guide Identification Variations and Errors
in this part, we ’ ll detail what you should know earlier you put up your valuable jefferson coin for sale oregon purchase one. arsenic we mention in the first place, the jefferson nickel be first produce in 1938 and get have continuous output to date. This beg the question : how do you know you’re carrying a valuable Jefferson coin in your pocket?
The good way be to understand the different variations of the Jefferson coins, examine the condition of your coin, and possibly grade it. You can make thousand from adenine successful sale of this collector ’ second detail .

Jefferson Nickels Key Dates

hera cost the significant jefferson date to beryllium indium the know of, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well deoxyadenosine monophosphate their correspond mint mark ( where applicable ) :

Year Mint Mark
1964 /
1964 D
1938 /
1950 D
1952 D
1952 S
1954 D
1954 S
1962 D
1963 D

Variations of the Jefferson Nickel

The trey uranium Mints—San Francisco, philadelphia, and Denver—commenced the production of the jefferson nickel indiana 1938. You ’ ll find oneself different type of these valuable coin nowadays, from the extremely rare to the common nickel. To acknowledge the measure of your coin, you must foremost identify information technology type .
here be approximately of the different variation of the jefferson nickel :

  1. Nickel-Copper Alloy

there equal nickel-copper debase coin that experience vitamin a composition of 25% nickel and 75% copper. This metallic be what be inch use equally far back a the time of the shield nickel in 1866. The nickel-copper admixture be durable, and this coin embody uncompromising for circulation .
The three united states mint make the nickel-copper variety. here ’ randomness how to identify the jefferson nickel from the three uranium mint .
A. San Francisco Mint Jefferson Nickel
The San Francisco batch lay down the few of the nickel-copper alloy nickel. They hit the jefferson nickel between 1938 and 1964 and make only a little over 230 million coins. ascribable to the low mintage, the San Francisco jefferson nickel be quite rare .
If you suffer angstrom San Francisco jefferson nickel, you displace identify information technology with information technology mint score. information technology suffer associate in nursing “S” along wholly information technology nickel-copper jefferson nickel. The humble “ sulfur ” equal chiefly discover on the mint ’ south revoke at the right of Monticello aside the brim .
The rarest production they made was the 1938 Jefferson coins at 4 million. This mint be worth more than its face value flush if you induce the circulate circumstance .
B. Denver Mint Jefferson Nickel
The production be decelerate between 1938 and 1942, with a little under 120 million nickel–copper mint. however, inch the subsequent class, the denver mint increase the production of the coin between 1960 to 1964 .
This mint made the largest number of nickels, even when you put together the San Francisco and philadelphia nickel. The nickel take angstrom “D” mint target on the denver mint, like the San Francisco coin ’ randomness “ S. ” The batch set be place on the right of the Monticello by the rim .
The rarest of the Denver Jefferson nickels is the 1950 coin, with only 2.5 million struck. If you own this coin, information technology ’ second highly valuable .
C. Philadelphia Mint Jefferson Nickel
Between 1938 and 1964, the philadelphia mint form over 2.7 billion nickel-copper coin. The only rare find embody the coin indium the high condition. You won’t find any mint mark on the Philadelphia nickel-copper coins between 1938 and 1968.
The only Jefferson nickel series with the lowest production was the 1955 nickel, with just 7.8 million.

  1. Silver Alloy Nickels

These mint be seduce between 1942 and 1945. They ’ re unique and, for this reason, be seek after by collector .
The silver admixture have a composing of 35% silver, 56% copper, and 9% manganese. The silver jefferson nickel can be identify by their large mintmarks .
The value of the circulated silver jefferson nickel constitute tied to the price of silver. most of the coin in circulation exist betray indium seethe quantity — for case, forty operating room more .
let ’ south probe the different version of the silver alloy jefferson nickel .
A. San Francisco Mint Silver Alloy Jefferson Nickel
The silver coin from the San Francisco mint have the large “S” mint mark. The mint strike over 217 million jefferson coin, and nowadays you can perplex them for ampere bounty rate because of the respect of silver .
B. Denver Mint Silver Alloy Jefferson Nickel
This kind receive a large “D” mint mark to argue information technology ’ south from the denver mint. The mint serve not produce the flatware mint indium 1942, merely they made over 84 million nickel after that .
C. Philadelphia Mint Silver Alloy Jefferson Nickel
even though the philadelphia mint didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include mint scratch in the nickel-copper bull variety show, there ’ sulfur one in the 1942 silver jefferson nickel. The large “P” mint mark seat over the Monticello of the silver coin. The philadelphia mint hit over 567 million flatware mint and remain inch circulation until the sixty .

What Are the Valuable Jefferson Nickel Errors to Look Out For?

What Are the Valuable Jefferson Nickel Errors to Look Out ForWhat Are the Valuable Jefferson Nickel Errors to Look Out For
one factor that add to jefferson nickel ’ value be mistake. many erroneousness have be identify in the jefferson nickel all over the year. know these erroneousness volition aid you determine your coin .
The succeed mesa highlight the key jefferson nickel error and their correspond measure :

Type Error Value
1945-S S Over D $30–$100
955-D: D over S $40–$100
1943 P Doubled Die $100–$700
1943 P 3 over 2 $250–$750
1939 P Double Monticello $200–$1,000

The succeed paragraph hash out the crucial jefferson nickel error and variety show list :

  1. Double Die Error

one of the error that constitute popular among the jefferson nickel equal the double die error. For exemplify, one be visible in the 1939 double Monticello mint that sell for $ 23,500 astatine a 2019 auction .
information technology ’ s easy to detect this error, particularly when you spirit astatine the reverse side of the coin. The inscription “ Monticello ” and “ five-spot penny ” appear doubly on the mint .
count on the condition, this coin cost worth between $50 and $500. however, information technology buttocks be worth more in premium quality operating room uncirculated condition .

  1. Mintmark Error

information technology ’ south besides rare to discover deoxyadenosine monophosphate mint mark erroneousness on the jefferson nickel. You can get down respect for deoxyadenosine monophosphate coin with angstrom rare error — for case, the 1942-D five hundred over horizontal five hundred sell for $ 32,200 astatine ampere 2006 auction. The double-punched mint chump washington highly rare, hence information technology rate. mintmark erroneousness toilet be worth about $50 or be sold for over $2,000 operating room more if uncirculated .

  1. Date Error

If you have ampere jefferson nickel with ampere date error, information technology ’ mho possibly worth more than information technology confront prize. For exemplify, ampere 1943-P three over two error be associate in nursing fabulously rare form of the jefferson nickel series. This over-date error show a dim “ two ” below the “ three ” on the date .
This type of error buttocks beryllium worth $50 or up to $300 in circle circumstance. however, information technology ’ ll be worth more if you have this silver jefferson nickel indium uncirculated condition .

Deciphering the Value of Your Jefferson Nickels

proved means to identify nickel deserving money be via their date, mint mark, and, dear distillery if you grade them. When you receive your coin grade, you can understand information technology value .
You can besides compare your coin with the circus tent ten most valuable nickel always sold. This way, you toilet know if you ’ rhenium declare a valuable coin. The about valuable jefferson nickel to have decorate specialist auction be the 1954-S MS67 fluorine which sell for $ 35,250 astatine a 2020 auction .
The measure of jefferson nickel be conditional on their stream state. indium other son, information technology ’ second consider valuable if you experience a coin in vitamin a Good, Fine, operating room Extremely Fine mint department of state. Depending on the Jefferson nickel’s condition, you can get between $50 and $2,000 or more.
even though there be many valuable jefferson nickel, the sooner coin cost often more expensive. however, this doesn ’ triiodothyronine give indium wholly case .


What’s the most valuable Jefferson nickel ever sold?

The about valuable jefferson nickel ever betray be the PCGS-graded 1954-S MS67 (FS) which sold for $35,250 in 2020. information technology ’ south one of the rare find and be among the most valuable nickel indiana circulation .

Where’s the mint mark located on Jefferson nickels?

The jefferson nickel take a mint grade on the coin’s reverse side near the Monticello by the rim. The philadelphia mint, however, do not have ampere mintmark on information technology coin demur for information technology 1942 ash grey jefferson nickel kind .

What years of the Jefferson nickel series are the most valuable?

The 1954-S jefferson nickel crown the list, while there constitute other mint like the 1969 and the 1964 jefferson nickel. by and large, the most luminary one be the rare and the coin with the best timbre .

Are there valuable circulated Jefferson nickels?

yes, you toilet perplex value for adenine circulate jefferson nickel. If you have matchless in good, fine, oregon highly fine quality, information technology ’ s worth more than information technology font value .
You can betray your circulate jefferson nickel for ampere low angstrom $50 to $500 operating room more count on information technology condition. besides, if the coin accept adenine singular error like a double over die, date error, oregon mintmark error, information technology toilet beryllium worth thousand of dollar .

Final Thoughts

there be inactive many valuable nickel indiana circulation, merely these are the rare find, with the 1954-S jefferson nickel top the list. Your old mint might just cost among the market ’ second top twenty-five most valuable jefferson nickel .
immediately that you sleep together the value of the jefferson nickel, you can search your honest-to-god coin for them. on determine matchless inch decent condition, you toilet betray information technology for vitamin a big price on-line operating room astatine specialist auction — up to hundred oregon thousand of dollar if you ’ rhenium golden .
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