Utah’s Most Trusted Gold and Silver Dealer – Utah Gold and Silver Coins, Bars & Rounds

Gold and Silver have been used as money for almost all of mankind’s history.  The Constitutional mandate is that “No State Shall Make Anything But Silver and Gold Legal Tender.” Utah has also made Gold and Silver Legal Tender. There is no Sales Tax on Utah Gold or Silver.


Utah Gold and Silver Investors are looking for a hedge against Inflation and Uncertainty. 


We are also Utah’s Gold and Silver IRA Rollover Specialists. Guarantee the best value and the highest quality of products. 

Every ounce of gold and silver  we sell is Certified and Tested for Weight, Purity and Authenticity.

Don’t get burned or overpay for Precious Metals because of local shortages. We have access to Silver and Gold Nationwide. You can  Trust Drockton Bullion Ltd . The Most Trusted Precious Metals Dealer in Utah.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the Lockdowns and Other Issues we no Longer Operate through Our Storefront. All Business is done by phone, email, text or Zoom. For an Individual Appointment, Quote on Buying or Selling Gold and Silver, or to talk to our Financial Advisor, Please call or Text 1-801-857-5529.

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