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I know this has come up before, and i know that there are a few people who own this dragon and actually found 30 friends to play this game. However, with the recent update, Diaeson was given stats, so i’m bringing it up again. At the moment, 90% of all players have only two ways to obtain this dragon. The first, and well-known as disgraceful, is to run into low level worlds and post a text block on how you “get a free class coin with this one weird code“. The whole idea of referring friends is bypassed by doing this, since these strangers found the game on their own, they were not referred by anyone, and the referrer gets rewards for cheating the system. Then there is the other option. Obtain ALL of the dragons in the game (except Diaeson) and then pay $50 for a pack you probably didn’t want other than for the golden dragon effigy. For players on a budget, they are at an immediate disadvantage to those who can spend $50 willy-nilly, and must resort to the annoying and shameful task of begging random new players to get this dragon. I, for one, Love how this dragon looks, but i cant spend $50 to get it. The referral system is a great way to get new players in, but the system is broken. The reason it is there has been worked around and is no longer serving its purpose. Could there be any way simple budget players could work for getting this dragon legitimately (or even at a cheaper cost than $50), or could the referral system be Re-Worked? Since most people who own this dragon obtained it a way the system did not want them to get it, the dragon is given a bad rap, which is sad because it is a really cool dragon if it didn’t make other players see a Scammer or Rich kid.

To anyone out there, I would love to see some ideas on how to fix the situation, or even how Trove Devs could make a good overhaul of the dragon’s gimmick. Sorry for such a long post, i just had to put what was on my mind out in the open

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