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Trendering uses realtime Ethereum blockchain analysis to predict market movements of ERC20 tokens & more.


1. Realtime Ethereum Analysis. Trendering can detect new tokens the moment the contracts are created on the blockchain. Trendering can analyse contracts to detects scam indicators. Trendering can analyse pool activity to detect pump-dump patterns. Trendering can track new DEX listings. Trendering can monitor, alert & mirror actions of selected addresses.

2. Incentivized Liquidity Mining. Trendering provides a rewards liquidity pool (RLP), where participants stake ETH & TRND to receive weekly xTRND rewards. Moreover,

3. Automated Investment Maker (AIM). Trendering can go on autopilot with a proxy contract, using realtime analysis to execute investment decisions directly on the blockchain.

4. Limited Access. By design, TRND token has a limited supply of initial 100,000 coins deployed on Uniswap with a 10,000,000 minting cap a 113,000 total supply cap and minting locked by contract.

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