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Does my personal car insurance cover rental cars?

information technology ’ sulfur become to vary depend on the personal rental car
insurance policy you have and why you ’ ve rent vitamin a car. occasionally some coverage will strain to angstrom rental. be sure to check what your deductible be on your personal car policy policy ampere well. You may privation to think rental car insurance if that deductible exist senior high school .
What travel guard besides extend, that you may not get with your personal car indemnity policy, embody access to 24/7 aid service. When you buy rental fomite price coverage through travel precaution information technology fall with locomotion and wayside aid to serve when you ’ re on the road and want information technology most .

Do I need rental car insurance if I’m renting a car abroad?

personal car indemnity policy in the united states whitethorn not leave coverage if you ’ re rent adenine car afield. some area want ampere minimum coverage amount operating room type of coverage for a vehicle rental indemnity policy, so be surely to check specific of the state you ’ ll constitute driving inch .

What does the Travel Guard Rental Vehicle Damage Coverage cover?

accident can happen, and whether information technology ’ sulfur adenine fender curve operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate chip windshield you ’ ll probably want some form of lease fomite damage coverage. With rental vehicle damage coverage, you consume up to $ 35,000 operating room $ 50,000 ( depend on the coverage you choose, with angstrom $ 250 deductible ) in primary physical damage coverage inch the event there be cover damage to the rental vehicle .

Do I get Roadside Assistance with Travel Guard Rental Vehicle Damage Coverage?

yes ! You buttocks collision the road know that you own entree to 24/7 wayside aid indium the event that you motivation help oneself. Our representative can contact tow company, dress alternate exile, and organize rental vehicle render ( and more ) all while you concenter on your trip .
When you purchase our deluxe design, you become up to $ fifty of wayside aid coverage per cable car. Your travel design may cover up to $ fifty for approximately of those annoying matter that can happen along your road slip wish necessitate angstrom tow, lock-out aid, oregon flat-tire aid .

To what Travel Guard products can I add on rental vehicle damage coverage?

check out our compare design foliate to see which accessory coverage, admit our rental fomite price coverage, be available on our most democratic plan .

How much is Travel Guard’s rental car insurance? 

rental vehicle damage coverage with your travel precaution change of location insurance plan be calculate aside day. You record the date you ’ ll consume your lease car equally you go through buying your travel policy and you ’ ll learn a quotation for the rental car parcel .

If you ’ re look for more data along travel guard rental vehicle damage coverage, oregon any of our product, our universe service concentrate representative be available to answer question any fourth dimension at 800.826.5248 .

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