Top 10 Best Sell Gold in Salt Lake City, UT – May 2022 – Yelp

What are people saying about gold buyers in Salt Lake City, UT?

This is a review for gold buyers in Salt Lake City, UT:

“Disclaimer– I’m posting this totally independently, 4 years after the fact, because I think about this experience in my business classes as one of the “best examples of customer experience” I’ve ever had.

I went here for a trunk sale looking for a VERY specific aquamarine birthstone ring for a very specific price. They rolled out the red carpet for me. I had plenty of time, I just wanted a specific ring– so they went out of their way to keep their eye open at different shows for the exact gem I wanted. I am always complimented on the ring, and I’m so grateful that I found this place. I wear it every day and I LOVE it. You will love them too.”

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