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ICOs are becoming a popular way of funding startups. But the biggest problem is that most of these startups don’t have any real product or service in place, and yet they keep running ICOs in multiple phases while promising investors that the value of the token will rise. The latest one to join the gravy train is known as Thorncoin or THRN.

If you want to invest in Thorn Coin, we advice that you read this review first because this is not a light matter. You definitely have to seek a detailed analysis of the project before spending any money.

If you buy during the ICO, you will spend anywhere between $0.50-$1.20 per token. The website claims that price will rise to $150+ per token in the first quarter of 2019.

The question is, how exactly is a coin worth $1 supposed to increase in value to $150+ per coin in just 12 months? This is not Bitcoin, and people are definitely not interested in buying in quantities. We do not foresee how Thorn Coin will successfully create demand for this coin. And that means buying this coin could prove to be financially disastrous especially if you spend a lot in this investment.

For that reason, we are inviting you to read this ThornCoin review with the aim of getting a detailed assessment of the project. You can then make your own decision afterwards.

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ThornCoin Review

At this point in time, one cannot participate in the ThornCoin ICO because the pre-sale date is long overdue. It is also too late to jump into the any of the phases since the last ICO was held in January 24th, 2018.

However, the site is still asking investors to sign up, send some Bitcoin to obtain a specific number of Thorn Coin. How exactly are you supposed to participate if no ICO is live at the moment?

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thorn coin review

Well, according to our thinking, we strongly believe that this website wants to create demand for the coins that are already being held by people who previously participated in the ICOs.

The problem is that we don’t know how many coins are in possession yet. This is supposed to create huge demand as a result of the limited supply of ThornCoin.

The website is also encouraging its investors to stake their coins so that they can earn daily interest. Actually, this is a way of limiting supply, and thereby increasing demand further.

The point is, it is not clear how one is supposed to acquire Thorn Coin if they didn’t buy it during the ICO phases. One might argue that this coin can be bought at major exchanges which have been listed on this site.

But you also have to remember that Thorn Coin has not been listed with any exchange yet. The website also claims that they have not yet launched an internal exchange. In other words, it’s impossible to acquire these coins at this point in time, until it reaches a time when they will be holding another ICO. We don’t know when this will happen.

As you can see, this is supposed to create demand for this coin. Now, the million dollar question is this one: what factors are supposed to drive the value of this coin?

You see, demand cannot be created out of thin air. If you made a useless object scarce, will people need it? Absolutely not. But if you did the same with a useful object, demand would be naturally inflated.

Now, in the case of ThornCoin, there is no product or service to back their operations. How exactly is demand going to be created from a coin that doesn’t have any value yet?

thorncoin ico

The answer is supposed to rely on staking, lending, trading etc.

Let’s discuss each one of these factors below and see whether or not the value of this coin can rise based on these things


You can allegedly lend ThornCoin to their algorithm trading software called THRN AI. This will allegedly earn you interest rates every 24 hours. Apart from the proceeds that come from trading, the site claims that new referrals who don’t join under someone will automatically be placed under people who have accepted to lend their coins to the THRN AI software.

The minimum investment is $100. There is no maximum investment. Monthly returns can reach 43%, which is something that most professional financial experts don’t agree with.


This option is supposed to be idea for those who want to hold their coins in the ThornCoin digital wallet so that they can earn daily interest.

During the first quarter of 2018, monthly returns will be 12%. This figure will be reduced to 8% in the subsequent quarters.

Again, if you combine the two methods of earning, you will end up with a ridiculous figure for your monthly return on investments. This definitely sounds too good to be true.

Referral program

And of course there is the referral program which is offered 3 levels deep. This is supposed to create passive income as returns can be 8%, 4% or 1%.

Ownership details

ThornCoin claims that their system is very secure, stable and is managed by financial experts.

To be precise, they claim that the operations of this site are managed by programmers and traders with vast experience in the area of trading, blockchain technology and in the Fintech space in general.

Unfortunately, none of these professionals have been introduced by name.

A quick search on would reveal that ThornCoin domain is registered privately to make it difficult for people to know the person in charge of the website.

Where does this leave us then?

It could simply mean that ThornCoin is an illegal operation or a ponzi scheme.

The reason why we are saying so is because we can’t be certain of the experience that these guys are holding. Moreover, you cannot trust a stranger with your finances especially if they are insisting that payment must be done in Bitcoin only.

When we look at this website, we see a consistent pattern emerging where evidence suggests that Thorn Coin could be a ponzi scheme in the making.

12 months down the line, the coin will be valueless because we strongly believe that this coin does not have any product or service to back it up. There isn’t any unique concept to back it up. So, why would people want to buy it?

You see, the concept of early investors can be misleading. If you are an early investor of anything, there are high chances that you will lose money down the road.

And one of the surest ways to lose money is to bet on ICOs that clearly don’t have a concept behind the token in question.

Our best advice for you

If there is indeed a trading bot here, we’d be interested in seeing its performance. Otherwise, there is no way we can prove the efficacy of that trading bot.

Also, since ThornCoin is a very new website, you don’t expect that this business model will hold in the long run. You are not supposed to use blind faith because this is the quickest way to lose money.

Please understand that we have nothing against ThornCoin. But the mere fact that they are hiding their identity should worry anyone wanting to invest with them.

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