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Take care of your furry friends, upgrade their skills and send them out to explore! The new Pet Pen allows players to collect pets to increase their empire power and gain items.

Your first pet

Game of Sultan’s Third Anniversary brought with it the introduction of pets and the Pet Pen. Located by the Imperial Parliament, Piyale is ready to guide you through acquiring your first pet. There are three choices: Bulldog, Ocelot, and Macaque each with their own specialty.

Each pet has a specialty. Dog type pets are strength pets that have higher health. Cat type pets are dexterity based and have higher damage, while Monkey type pets are more middle ground for both HP and damage but have ranged attacks. Once you have selected your pet you will be taken to the Pet Pen.

Pet Pen: Navigation

The Pet Pen is where you are able to view your pets, send them out to explore or hunt and more. The Pet Pen level will also provide attribute boosts to your viziers increasing your Empire Power. Pets will freely roam around the pen, or you can click and drag them to a location. Clicking on a pet will bring up the small dial options. The hand icon (top) will let you play with a pet. You can play with a pet once per day to gain a small amount of favor. The book icon (middle) opens the pet information. The ball icon (bottom) opens the favor system.

Along the bottom of the screen there is a collapsible bar which can be hidden or revealed by clicking the cat icon on the bottom right which has the primary pet pen activities. From left to right there is Pet Exploration, Forest Hunting, Pet List and Manage. On the far right side there is also the option to visit others and to see who has visited you this week.

At the top of the screen is the level of your Pet Pen. You can click the + icon to see a detailed breakdown of your Pet Pen and level your Pen up. Leveling up the Pet Pen increases your Empire Power by giving each vizier you own a small attribute boost. As shown below each vizier gets +2000 attributes or 8000 total. With 27 viziers, I gain a total of 216,000 Empire Power. Upgrading the Pet Pen also unlocks new Pet Exploration areas and increases the size of your Pet Pen.

Pet Details

When you click on a pet and click the book icon, you will be taken to your pet’s details page. Alternatively you can navigate to this screen by clicking the pet list button and clicking on the pet of your choice. In the Pet Details, you can level up your pet, give them armor and see how well they rank compared to other pets on your server.

To level up a pet you need Pet Food, a resource gained primarily from Pet Exploration. Each level costs an increasing amount of pet food with the first 100 levels costing 865,000 food. At level 100 you can upgrade your pet. Similar to reaching level 100 on a vizier, you need items to upgrade the pet. Your pet will need Earth, Ocean and Air essence. During release you could purchase the set of all 3 for 300 diamonds in the Diamond Store. This pack has since returned during pet related rushes. Upgrading your pet increases their max level, attack power and HP while increasing their star rating. The current max level is 400 with a 7 star rating.

Pet Armor

You can also increase a pet’s stats with armor. Armor is dropped in Hunting levels. Purchasable sets were also available at release with a common quality set available for +1999 VIP ($20 USD). Other sets have been released as part of mini game rewards and events. Clicking on an armor slot will allow you to view available armor pieces and equip them.

Each set of armor is broken into types: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and All. Pets are limited to types that match them (ie: Cats can only wear dexterity type armor) while All type armor can be worn by any pet. Equipment comes in five levels of quality: Basic, Common, Rare, Master, and Epic. There is no restrictions on quality to type of pet at this time. You can unequip an item from a pet at any time at no cost.

Equipped items can also be enhanced. Enhancing an item will increase it’s stats such as attack or HP, but at the cost of another piece of armor or Iron Coins and a small amount of gold. It is important to note that higher quality armor costs the same amount of XP as lower quality armor. This means you can use your basic armor in equipment enhancement to upgrade a higher quality armor such as rare, to the exact same level as the basic piece of armor. This allows players to easily upgrade to better quality sets as they obtain them.

Iron coins can be obtained in the diamond store for 150 diamonds at a limit of 3 per day every day. During the Iron Coin rush you can also purchase special packs that give 5 Iron Coins for 500 diamonds. They also appeared in purchase packs along with purchase rewards. Additionally they were also obtainable through time limited rewards and as a drop in the mini-game Horserider and War of Hunters.

Pet Skills

Pets also have skills. The number of skills a pet can have is limited by their rating: Common pets have 1 skill, Rare have 2, Outstanding have 3 and Legendary have 4. All pets will begin with just one skill but upgrading them will unlock more skills. Skills can be upgraded using Specialty guides. Specialty guides are gained when you try to collect a second pet of the same type. This will use your Pet Collar so it is best to acquire all pets available from the collar before using them to gain Specialty Guides. You need a Specialty Guide of the pet you wish to upgrade and a Strength guide of another pet of the same type (IE: to upgrade the Bulldog you need a Bulldog Strength Guide and another Strength Guide). Further level increases will require more pet guides (ie: Level 3 skill requires 1 of the same pet book and 2 of the same type books (strength, dexterity, or intelligence))

Pet Favor

The final way to grow pets is through pet favor. Favor offers an increase to Attack and HP as a percent bonus. To increase your favor you can gift your pets with items from your backpack. Each pet has a favorite item that will give 3 favor, while other items will give 2 favor. Beware of their disliked item though as this will only give 1 favor.

To gift the items you can click the ball icon when tapping on your pet from the main pet pen page, or you can click the heart icon below the claw armor spot on the pet’s details page. Each pet can receive up to 3 gifts per day. You can also gain 5 favor by clicking on the hand icon when tapping on the pet. This works once per day and only for one pet.

To view the pet’s favorite item click the green book on the Favor page of the pet. In the details you will see favored item and their dislike item.

Favorite and Disliked items for each pet

Pet Exploration

Pet Exploration allows you to send your pet out to collect pet food and items. Pet food is used to increase your pet’s level. Each location can have up to 3 pets assigned to it with a base gain of 120 food per minute for all locations. New locations are unlocked by increasing the level of the Pet Pen. Pets at a higher level will give a bonus % boost increasing your pet food gains. Friends can provide up to a 25% boost each week with the buff resetting Monday at reset. The buff applies to each level so you can gain more food by sending a 3 pets out to one level each over sending 3 pets out to 1 level. Pets can be moved and reassigned at any time by clicking the adjust formation button on the right side of each level.

Players can accelerate their exploration by using an Exploration Acceleration Token which will immediately give you the equivalent prizes to how much time the token is worth. Tokens are currently not available in game.

Players that have reached VIP 4 or higher can collect all rewards at once by clicking the claim all button at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively players can click the treasure chests to collect the rewards. After 48 hours of continuous, unclaimed, exploration you will no longer gain any food or items.

Forest Hutning

Forest Hunting allows you to compete against wild animals to gain rewards. Each area will have a set of defending opponents that will give you Pet Pen Construction Materials when defeated along with a few items and 20 diamonds. Every 5 levels (levels that end in 5 or 0) you will encounter a boss fight against a lion plus some normal hyenas. These levels drop extra construction materials and usually pet equipment or in the case of level 20, a pet collar. Clearing a hunting area for the first time costs nothing and can be attempted an unlimited amount of times at no cost.

To hunt, click on the Start Hunting button. You will be brought to a screen where the opponents are waiting. At the bottom of the screen will be a list of your pets organized by power. Up to 5 pets can fight. Once a pet has entered the fight it cannot be removed. You can click and drag a pet anywhere on the screen to begin and the pet and the opponents will move to meet each other. Before the fight begins you can set the speed to 1x speed (normal) or 2x speed (fast) which cannot be changed once the fight begins.

During the fight you can pick up and move your pets to reposition them on the screen. You can also move the screen up and down by clicking on empty ground. A common strategy is to move the monkey to the edge of his ranged attack area to avoid damage while attacking the opponent. The fight will end once all opponents are defeated (your victory) or your pets are all defeated (opponent victory). At the end of the fight you can click the little bar graph icon to the top right of your rewards to see a break down of how your pets did during the fight.

Areas that have been cleared can be cleared again for additional construction materials and attribute books. You can hold up to 3 hunting attempts at a time which regenerate at a rate of 4 hours (a maximum of 12 hours for all 3 attempts). If you fail to defeat the opponent during an attempt, you will not use the attempt energy, ie: energy is only used if you successfully clear the area again. You can also use Auto-clear Tokens to clear a level an additional time. These do not use hunting attempts. Auto-clear tokens are typically available as a time limited reward prize during the Forest Hunting Rush and were also previously available in a 499 VIP point Growth Chest pack along with purchase rewards during the rush.

Friends and Visits

On the right side of the home screen of your pet pen is the Friend Visit and Visit buttons. Visit will bring up a list of your friends and union members. You can click on the house icon to visit the friend or union member’s pet pen. Here you can click on one of their pets and click the hand button to interact with the pet. You can interact with 1 pet for up to 5 friends per week to gain a total of 100 diamonds (20 per person).

Visiting a friend or union member also helps them out. For every person that visits your pet pen, you receive a 5% bonus to the food you find in the hunting grounds. You can increase this to 25% (5 visits from friends) and this bonus will last for a week resetting at 0:00 on Monday.

Pet Gifts

Pets will also bring you gifts throughout the day. When a pet has found a gift for you they will get a small icon next to them in a little speech bubble. Click on the icon to collect the item from your pet. (Clicking on the pet does not work). In testing done by the user GrilledCheesus on the official Game of Sultan’s discord server, it was noted that pets do not have a set time for giving gifts, however there does appear to be a limit of 22 gifts total per day regardless of your total number of pets. Those with fewer pets will see gifts appear more frequently and those with more pets may see longer gaps between a pet giving a prize. Below is the data they recorded during their tests across a few different servers.

Pet gifting times as recorded by GrilledCheesus

Verified up to date for Game Version 3.4

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