10 Great Movies For Fans Of God Of War

After completing one of the God of War games, or the newest God of War: Ragnarok, some players might be looking for a film to continue the hype of a Spartan warrior with an act of violence. Luckily for God of War fans, some great movies will keep them tethered into the Norse mythology that they have enjoyed, or, provide them with the fix of gods amongst mortals in a fierce battle.

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m )It’s hard for a movie mập encapsulate the raw power & emotion captured within God of War, especially with games lượt thích God of War : Ragnarok featuring such character-heavy moments và action set-pieces. However, there are some great movies for fans of God of War that will keep them awaiting the next God of War game .

An Old English epic poem receives the movie treatment from director Robert Zemeckis, and Beowulf (2007) experiments with CGI to bring the epic fantasy to life. Beowulf follows the titular character as he protects Denmark from the horrific monster Grendel. It’s a great movie that will get players of the God of War games into the mythology of cold and dark lands writhe with monsters and beasts.

There’s also a great story in Beowulf, one shrouded in tragedy và corruption. Much lượt thích the story of Kratos, Beowulf must face his ego và weaknesses bự become the người hùng that is needed for the story or sacrifice the kingdom he has worked bự protect .

From Robert Eggers comes another epic historical thriller like Macbeth. The Northman (2022) follows the story of Prince Amleth, a young boy who witnesses the murder of his father, and the capture of his mother, all at the hands of his uncle. After two decades of swearing vengeance, Amleth returns as a Viking warrior.

There’s a slow burn mập the methodical revenge in The Northman, one that sees action blend with the fantasy & horror of gore. There’s even Valkyries ! The Northman has plenty of violence & a setting that could be familiar mập God of War fans .

Although Logan (2017) might not feature Spartans or Vikings, it’s still a grand story about a man who has to hide his powers out of the fear of a hateful world. Logan comes from director James Mangold and brings a finale to Hugh Jackman’s role as Wolverine. Wolverine and Kratos are similar, yet different, and audiences may see their characters align if they watch Logan.

The story of Logan is oddly reminiscent of God of War, as it involves the titular character forced out of hiding when the safety of an important child ( who just so sánh happens Khủng be their child ) is jeopardized. As a rageful & tired man, Wolverine fears tapping into the man he once was, much lượt thích Kratos .

Greek Mythology takes on a new adaption from director Tarsem Singh with Immortals (2011). In this epic fantasy film, the gods of Olympus choose a mortal man to fight a ruthless King who has lost his mind to the potential of ultimate power, that power being a weapon that could destroy reality and the gods themselves.

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There are no gods in Gladiator (2000), and Ridley Scott brings to the screen an intimate story of a former Roman general, betrayed, grieving, fighting for his right to live as a gladiator amongst slaves and fierce warriors. Gladiator is a historical epic that may not link to God of War due to the lack of gods, but it’s the story of a grieving father and a rageful warrior that makes it so.

The film follows Maximus, a Roman general that loses his command after the death of the Emperor. At the hands of the Emperor’s corrupt son, Maximus is relegated lớn slavery, và forced bự fight in the gladiator pits for entertainment .

John McTiernan brings The 13th Warrior (1999) to the screen, an epic tale of a man in unknown lands, fighting unknown threats. Ibn Fadlan, a Muslim emissary from Baghdad, is captured by a band of violent Vikings, rowdy and undisciplined with a penchant for all things gluttonous, like alcohol and food.

RELATED : The Best Single-Player PS5 Games, RankedAs the film progresses, Ibn Fadlan finds a kinship with the Vikings & soon joins in their unlikely quest mập destroy the evils of the world. God of War delves into the supernatural fantasy of myth, và The 13 th Warrior does so sánh phệ a bloody và impactful degree .

From the visionary and distinct style of Zack Snyder comes 300, a film that is loosely based on the Frank Miller comic of the same name. 300 has been embedded into pop culture thanks to the musculature and physique of the characters and cast, as well as some of the iconic lines that are spoken in the film.

In 300, King Leonidas leads 300 Spartan soldiers bự fight Xerxes và the growing threat of an invading Persian army. There’s plenty of action bound lớn this film, & audiences might seek insight into Spartan pride, & what it takes lớn be a warrior lượt thích Kratos, và chưa bao giờ believe a game kết thúc .

There’s no denying the legendary physique of a 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Director John Milius brings forth Conan the Barbarian (1982), with the lead played by Schwarzenegger, the physique between Kratos and Conan is dangerously close. As a warrior, Conan and Kratos have much in common, including a shared childhood tragedy.

The story of Conan the Barbarian follows the titular character as he searches for the sorcerer that sold him into slavery, starting him lao dốc the path that he is burdened with. After the genocide of his family & people, Conan will stop at nothing, much lượt thích Kratos ’ quest Khủng find Ares .2

Clash of The Titans

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