SOLVED:Question 4 Apenny is composed of zinc and copper. Ifa penny has a mass of 2.507 _ ‘gand is 2.5% copper,what is the mass of zinc in the coin? 4 4 -0 – I E == 2 3 X * € E H 12pt Paragraph

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all right. In order to solve this system of equations were only first convert our system into two matrices. The major sees we get when we do this are going to be 111 3 10 negative 25 and 10 18 Negative. 50. The other matrix is going to be so there’s gonna be times PND and it should be equal to the matrix 9.8 00 Now, in order to find this system read the solution to our system of equations were simply going to multiply. Say, this is matrix A. This is matrix X In this matrix B. We’re going to do the inverse of a times be and that will equal our solution. In doing so, using a matrix calculator, you get P is equal to 2.5 and is equal to five nd is equal to 2.3

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