Siren (2016) – IMDb

Siren is a spin off from the VHS films, which of course mixes up a variety of horror tales, in new and amusing ways.

There’s bloody bucket loads of black humour on offer here, alongside a few “sort of” creepy zany scares all bundled up with a weird tale of unrequited monster love. Its a good mix that’s calculatedly camp and, in my view, all the better for it.

As you might expect, given this flicks VHS pedigree, there’s a lot of mixing of familiar horror themes and a few moments that feel like tributes to other horror film’s. Most notably and without giving too much away, this films ending is somewhat reminiscent of the closing scenes in the first Jeepers Creepers film.

If you like your horror a little “way out” and “off beat” Siren is definitely worth a look. Seven out of ten from me.

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