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Buy 2020 Texas Silver Round with Revolution Booklet

We are excited to unveil the design of our new 2020 Texas Silver Rounds! This will be the first year of a four-coin, four-year series spanning 2020-2023 and commemorating these famous events of the Texas Revolution. The obverse of the high-quality mint strike Texas Silver Round features Texas’ iconic lone star in the foreground. The smooth engraving of the star is framed by a textured topographical outline of the state of Texas. “TEXAS” arches proudly over the top of the round’s obverse in large capital letters, with “Precious Metals” presented inversely along the opposite side. The round’s mintage year is engraved in the bottom left of the round, just southwest of what would be the Rio Grande bordering Texas and Mexico. The battle of Gonzales, fought on October 2nd, 1835 was the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution, when the Texians refused to return a cannon belonging to the Mexican army and presented in response the now famous Come and Take It flag. The Texians won the battle in several hours upon initiating the attack on the Mexican soldiers.

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