Officially opened on July 26, 2013, Vincom Mega Mall Chung Cư Royal City is considered the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. Up to now, Dự án Royal City commercial center has always welcomed thousands of tourists khổng lồ visit every day, becoming a major entertainment hub in Hanoi thành phố.

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This is the ikhuyến mãi shopping place for all visitors. The stalls are distributed by different regions & groups of goods. Such division helps visitors easily find the item that they are in need. Coming to lớn Khu đô thị Royal City, tourists can easily choose many products ranging from furniture, home appliances, electronics to fashion items, cosmetics và jewelry ... The booths are designed simply and attractively with guaranteed unique.

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Sony Center: displaying the newest Sony products, suitable for customers who are immersed in the công nghệ world.


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The food court is located on the 2nd floor of Royal City. It appeals visitors by its famous restaurants and culinary brands such as:

Paris Baguette - a restaurant serving French & Korean cakes;The Pizza Company restaurant with more than 20 kinds of delicious pizzas,Swensen ice cream - one of the famous American brands, is favored by millions of customers for its excellent ice cream qualityEuropean và Asian cuisine, French, Chinese or Korean restaurant chains are also easily found in this vast "culinary paradise".

Other amenities

Kidciti: Coming to lớn KizCiti, children experience the feeling of being transformed inkhổng lồ a "citizen" of a thành phố through interesting jobs such as pilots, firefighters, doctors, models, engineers ... to lớn have fun and practice social skills.

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Vinpearl Water Park: The water park operating in all four seasons is one of the most attractive sầu destinations for tourists coming lớn Hanoi as well as the locals. Coming lớn Vinpearl Lvà Water Park, visitors will be immersed in the cool water, exploring the game of winding slides. This will be one of the fascinating games for young people who love the thrilling activities.

Vinpearl Ice Rink: one of the main attractions when visiting Vinhomes Riverside Chung Cư Royal City. It is known that Vinpearl lvà Ice Rink is the first ice rink system in Vietphái nam built according to international standards, using natural and environmentally friendly refrigerants. At the ice rink there are also supporting tools for tourists khổng lồ play such as skates imported from Italy, penguin-shaped figures, imported from the UK, along with head, elbow and knee protectors ....

Platinum Cineplex: This theater complex is temporarily suspended until further notice.

Christmas Decoration spot: As one of the places with the most dazzling decoration display during the Christmas seasons, This year 20trăng tròn, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City (Hanoi) brings for the first time the magic horse wheel with 2 floors. Eye-catching wooden horse and a playground filled with shimmering light promises lớn create a happy world for you and your families and friends.

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Address: Basements B1 & B2 of KĐT Royal City 72A Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

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