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to change a speech or a piece of writing in order to improve it or make it more suitable for a particular purpose:

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to change a speech, other writing, or a drawing to make it better or more suitable for a particular purpose
The Irish low-cost airline will present a reworked subsidy package as part of its appeal against the ruling.
Partial failures, particularly in combination, however, can lead to rework and major project delays.
Similarly, exact values may be mistaken for placeholders, resulting in a poor quality product or rework.
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In this setting, reworking was common and associated with an abundant admixture of siliciclastic detritus or even erosion of the entire ash bed.
The perforated disks were created by reworking a potsherd into a circular form by chipping, drilling, and then grinding the edges to a smooth finish.
In the ensuing decade, he has reworked his doctoral thesis substantially as well as considerably extending its scope.
Moreover, people are able to rework memories and still feel confident about the accuracy of those memories.
Kinematically, it is possible that antithetic normal faults facing southward could be reworked by thrusts.
The flat part is developed along the pre-existing contact between upper and lower tectonic units, reworking it.

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Longstanding dichotomies such as metropolecolony and civilizedprimitive were reworked into the categories of developed underdeveloped.
Sometimes it can fuel the ruthlessness of a dictator; at other times, it causes only reworks that blaze up and then disappear.


someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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