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RegalCoin is a newer cryptocurrency on the market. According the RegalCoin site, it’s not much different from Bitcoin.

What Products or Services Does RegalCoin Offer?

According to the site, RegalCoin offers the following services:

  • Peer to Peer instant transfers
  • Easily transfer money
  • Transfer fee is either very small or non-existent
  • RegalCoin transactions are anonymous
  • The number of RegalCoins is limited
  • RegalCoin is decentralized and not controlled by governments or institutions

RegalCoin appears to offer a lending service as well, where members can become creditors to other members. It isn’t apparent from the site how this works exactly, but one would imagine that it’s similar to bitconnect.

RegalCoin also has a marketplace available to it, which is very new. Some of the negative press to come out about RegalCoin initially had to do with a lack of clarity in terms of what the site offers. While this part of the site is still in progress, it’s clear that RegalCoin is attempting to do something big with their platform, and this can pay off big for investors.

Buying RegalCoin

What RegalCoin asks you to do is transfer your Bitcoin or Ethereum into RegalCoins in order to attain access. Right not RegalCoin is in the very early stage of development. The marketplace isn’t fully developed yet, nor is the lending program. On the one hand, it’s always a risk to invest in newer cryptocurrencies, but to be fair, RegalCoin has shown amazing progress in the last month, which is extremely encouraging.

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