Quality Duct Tape Wallet With (optional) Change Pouch

In this step you will be making the card slots.

First fold down the tape on the left side as this will be covered up by the pouches. Trim the excess.

I like the cut the pieces I need first:

Cut three pieces a little longer then twice the length of a credit/debit card. (About 7 1.2 inches or 19cm

Optional: I like the card to stick out a bit more then what would usually stick out with the standard width of tape. So I trim about 1/4 inch (a little less then a cm) from the top.
Wrap the tape tight around 2 cards, sticky side out.

Cut three more pieces a little bit longer then a card. (3 1/2 inches, 9 cm)

Cut 2 pieces the length of the card and then cut them in half lengthwise making 4 pieces the length of a card. Cut the corners of 3 of these pieces.

Finally, cut three pieces about 5 1/2 inches (14 cm).

Lay the 3.5 inch tape about halfway down the wallet. Next, lay a roll in the middle of it. Fold half the tape on the bottom of the 3.5 piece up onto the roll, create the bottom of the pocket. Place two cards in to test the position.

Take the one piece without the corners cut and place it over the back line of the pouch. This helps the card slide in. Line it up with the top of the wallet. Use a card to over the top part of the pouch so your piece does not stick to it when your placing it.

Place a 5 1/2 inch piece over the pouch. Make sure it goes past the middle of the wallet and wraps around back. Place upside down first to find out the position. Line the top of the tape with the top of the pouch.

Make the next pouch by  sticking the bottom piece (3.5 inches) to the bottom of the loop. then place it under the first pouch about 1/4 inch down

Take a piece with the corners cut off and place it over the lip of the top pouch, ling the middle with the lip. The front part should go into the second pouch. Again this helps the cards go in.
(Note the cut corners make it easier to place the tape in the pouch. And make it look cool 🙂 )

Lay another 5 1/2 inch piece like the first. Repeat the steps for the second pouch to make the third. If the bottom piece goes over the bottom of the wallet trim it Sometime I have to trim the corners more. Scissors work great at this..

Cut a piece a little bigger then the the height of the wallet. Place this piece going down the right have side of the card slots.

Finally, cut a piece about 5 1/2 inches (14cm) to wrap around the bottom. let to go over the left edge and trim with scissors.

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