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What Is PORNROCKET (PornRocket)?

PORNROCKET (PornRocket) is a native currency of the eponymous adult content sharing platform called built on blockchain. It carries out the ecosystem’s transactions allowing creators to monetize their influence by posting adult pictures and videos, hosting live streams and having one-on-one chats with the fans.

Through the incorporation of blockchain technology PornRocket aims to turn over a new leaf in the way adult entertainment is perceived in media and society. The company believes that their token can become a “bridge currency” in the world of online adult entertainment.

As stated on the official website , PORNROCKET token first sale was in May 2021. The company’s twitter feed reports that the platform’s application currently as of September 2021 is in beta testing and getting ready to go live.

Who Are the Founders of PORNROCKET?

The founders of PornRocket have not yet revealed their identities. While the project is still in the making, the team has decided to stay anonymous mostly due to security reasons. According to the official web page, the unveiling will take place in the future once the platform hits specific milestones.

The professionals behind PornRocket possess extensive experience in areas such as adult entertainment, fintech, ecommerce, digital marketing and software engineering.

Reuben Coppa — an entrepreneur with a substantial background in start-ups guidance and blockchain is the strategic advisor of PornRocket. He is also the founder and CEO of — a currently owned by PornRocket technology company, focusing on providing cryptocurrency payment solutions for the adult entertainment business.

What Makes PORNROCKET Unique?

The introduction of blockchain technology to the online adult entertainment industry allows to eliminate a lot of issues traditionally associated with the field. PornRocket is created to provide anonymous and secure access to adult content for users from around the world. Taking into account the sensitivity of the subject, the safety of the personal information and payment details is a major concern for a lot of industry clients. Blockchain technology makes it possible for users to no longer rely on trust while sharing their private information with service providers.

Since cryptocurrency transactions usually do not require the use of services of traditional financial institutions, the platform claims to be able to abolish the fees paid by creators. Most banks and credit card companies charge the adult entertainment industry high payment processing commissions as they consider the field a high-risk sector.

Moreover, PornRocket is pointing out that through use of blockchain technology content creators are provided with secure copyright protection since the platform’s content can not be stolen and replicated in other media sources.

How Many PORNROCKET Coins Are There in Circulation?

The total supply is 1 quadrillion tokens. 50% (500 trillion) of the total supply was burnt Immediately after launch. 5% of each transaction is distributed between the holders respective of the weight they hold. 5% of every transaction is automatically directed to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, locked for 2 years.

How Is the PORNROCKET Network Secured?

The token is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — an EVM-compatible blockchain that runs parallel to Binance blockchain (BC). Unlike BC, BSC is designed to support the creation of smart contracts. Binance Smart Chain uses a proof-of-stake-authority (PoSA) consensus model, a hybrid between proof-of-stake and proof-of-authority.

PornRocket is currently planning a deployment of a two-way blockchain bridge between BSC and Ethereum. Since Binance Smart Chain is considered CeDeFi, a decentralized-by-design ecosystem sees the bridge as an opportunity to achieve more decentralization for the platform.

When Will PORNROCKET Trading Begin?

PORNROCKET was launched In May 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Can PORNROCKET Hit $0.01?

The initial burn performed shortly after the release triggered the token’s price to spike at the very beginning of the sale reaching at the time $0.0000002444. More recently, in August 2021, as the company began beta testing and announced an upcoming deployment of a two-way blockchain bridge connecting Binance and Ethereum networks, the token price increased once again getting at its highest to $0.000000458.

Where Can You Buy PORNROCKET?

PORNROCKET is currently available for purchase on the following exchanges: PancakeSwap (V2), LBank, Hotbit, BitMart and ZT.

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