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But space junkies have an ever-expanding universe of options to choose from to get their cosmic fix — ultra-high altitude space balloons, parabolic flights for weightlessness experiences, and soon, even space walks might be possible.

Paul Sillers, CNN, 4 Apr. 2022

Breaking out above the 120-month SMA in November 2011 began the parabolic rise that may have peaked over the last four months.

Richard Henry Suttmeier, Forbes, 21 Oct. 2021

The sound hit the parabolic reflector in the ceiling and bounced back down to the audience.

Jacques Kelly,, 4 Jan. 2022

The Deauville was unmistakable, greeting visitors with a dramatic porte-cochère fashioned of parabolic curves over the driveway entrance, a feature of its postwar-modernist architectural style.

New York Times, 17 Jan. 2022

If this level rises above 90.00, the stock will be in an inflating parabolic bubble formation.

Richard Henry Suttmeier, Forbes, 5 Jan. 2022

The new suit has gotten pilot testing in Earth gravity, in a partial-gravity simulator, and on parabolic flights that induce microgravity.

Sarah Scoles, Wired, 9 Nov. 2021

For years, the company has been able to create an experience for customers that mimics the weightless experience of going to space by flying in parabolic arcs.

Washington Post, 28 Oct. 2021

This well is actually the composite of two adjacent potential barriers that collectively create the parabolic shape.

Anil Ananthaswamy, Scientific American, 21 Oct. 2021

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