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Octree protocol will instantly split the 1% of transaction value among all the happy holders of the token without staking or waiting for distributing. Assets will earn for you while they are at rest

Enhanced Distribution

Octree protocol will make sure that certain address are excluded from earning fee. Because of that 100% of the fees generated go to happy holders of the token.

Extended Yield generation

As the eco system of the Octree grows, Octree smart contract exposes features to allow staking or other form of farming to interact with Octree contracts to determine the fees earned by each holder for any period of time

Controlled by community of happy holders

Directly or indirectly there is no team or team account that collects the fees and there is no way to claim the fee by calling the contract. As the happy holders are interacting with the protocol, that in turn protocol distributes the fee to them.


Our main goal is to build the partnerships to expand the protocol to become liquidity provider for other projects on Binance Smart Chain

Plenty of services for a DeFi success

Vault, Lottery, Yield optimizer, Gaming DAPPs and more — we plan to turn Octree into the biggest platform with plenty of unique services on Binance Smart Chain

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