MIKS Coin (MIKS) – Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

iCommunity Labs

iCommunity is the leading platform in Spain for blockchain technology as a service, or also called BaaS (blockchain as a service). Which allows developing and integrating different cases of blockchain use in all kinds of applications, in a simple, fast and very economical way.
iCommunity Labs is a flexible and powerful ecosystem of services and tools for Blockchain technology, designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations seeking to obtain the benefits of such technology without the inherent costs and efforts of implementing their own blockchain infrastructure.
The contracting process is by way of an economical monthly subscription, which avoids having to face costly ad hoc developments from scratch. With iCommunity, any individual, professional or company can have the most disruptive technology such as blockchain in their business, with different use cases for each sector, by connecting to our API, in just hours and without the need to program blockchain or spend a only penny in development.
iCommunity democratizes access to blockchain technology as a lever to boost the digital transformation of any business process or organization.
Our mission: make blockchain technology easy and accessible for all, democratizing its use and decentralizing business models.iCommunity is the leader in its sector in Spain and has been awarded and audited by the most competitive and important innovation organizations, such as CDTI (top20 NEOTEC and Cervera Project with the best grade), and has top-level partners such as Telefónica, AWS AMAZON, IBM, Ardor , and Top clients such as: Estrella Galicia, AENOR, Logalty…etc.
Use cases:
● Blockchain-as-a-Service: every transaction and service inside the platform will be paid with the ICOM Token, making the process easier and free of transfer or credit card commissions. It will also allow its holders to vote on governance decisions, such as product updates, use case creation, among others.
● Reward services: the use of the iBS platform and its use cases will be rewarded with offers and services within the platform and its affiliates to encourage the use of the ecosystem. Thus, establishing a mutually beneficial system where every participant is rewarded for their efforts.
● Tokenization services: all clients, partners, and those affiliated to the ecosystem that connects and do their transactions with iCommunity can use the ICOM Token in their projects, promoting a common use token, and taking advantage of its benefits, rewards, and ease of use.
The presale sold out, 1 million dollars, in minutes.
For the public sale there will be 2 phases.
Phase 1 can be purchased from the web, by credit card or crypto.
Phase 2 could be an ICO, and be sold from our website like Phase 1, but IEO is also being considered, as we have open negotiations with various exchanges, to use their launch and marketing channel.

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