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Hi, I’m a 16 old girl ( well aware intj teen females are rare so sánh I’m open lớn others chiming in with their thoughts ) & I feel lượt thích I’m going through some sort of date calculator age
?Throughout my whole life, I’ve always been excited about something in the future. It’s hard bự explain but lượt thích, say a friends tiệc nhỏ is coming up in bốn weeks, I’ll be excited about that up until the các buổi party ( which is always a disappointment ) then find something else in the near future .However recently, I’ve got nothing lớn get excited about. My family is going on a holiday in 13 days & I’m not even phased – unusual for me .

This lack of “ excitability ” has led me Khủng constantly think about how everything I bởi is ‘ insignificant ’ .I’ve got big dreams Khủng bởi vì something great in my life & make a change in the world either through business or politics but am constantly conflicted on whether that topic is “ significant enough ”. Like, is that really the worlds biggest problem ?For example, I had this spare instagram trương mục which I constantly change the theme of và advocate for something in the world. It started off being about feminism, body toàn thân positivity etc. but I soon lost interest because I felt that this tài khoản was not important và will not vì anything for the matter at hand. I then changed it phệ climate change but soon got turned off by that too. I just deleted it after that .I don’t really know how bự explain it but I feel as though everything I bởi vì is small. I want lớn make a change, I just don’t know what because I can’t decide what is most important bự me .anyway, if you read that, sorry lớn put you a bad mood but I hope you can just tell me your thoughts or similar experiences ?

Basically I just wanted Khủng get that out of my system …

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