Bottega Veneta’s Matthieu Blazy Is Taking Artisanal Craft in a New Direction

Thoughtfully, he begins lớn explain. That photograph of a brass head ? Brass — beautiful và changing as it ages, not blingy, with a relationship béo art — is the metal he has chosen Khủng represent Bottega Veneta, especially in the storefronts he is mocking up in a warehouse nearby. Carolyn Bessette in a Trắng shirt và jeans ? “ She’s just being herself — I can imagine her with a Bottega bag và it would be enough, ” he says. ( It was this photograph, he explains, that inspired his show’s opening look. ) The oranges with coffee dregs & yogurt on a kitchen counter ? “ I lượt thích the idea that the people of Bottega live in a real environment và make coffee in the morning, ” he says. In a moment of digital-image saturation, perfection và glamour và high-flown fantasy aren’t scarce commodities, he thinks — but passing moments of sensual bliss, increasingly, are .date calculator age
’s apartment in Milan is a monument béo happiness of a very personal sort. “ It’s a funny story, ” he says. “ When I got the job, I went trực tuyến bự see what was on the market, và saw this apartment for rent. I’m like, I’ve been there. ” He rang the number và was told he could come see it then và there. “ I stepped in và was lượt thích, I was here maybe 15 years ago, when Raf was at Jil Sander — it was his place ! ” He took it at once .The flat, mostly Blazy’s domain name — Mulier works in Paris, sometimes flying xuống dốc for as little as 24 hours — is pointedly unrenovated. Its far wall is all full-length windows sloping toward a shallow balcony overlooking a fragrant courtyard. The floor is dark green marble, its walls paneled wood. A small stone fireplace with a brass hood & skirt is framed by warm, charcoal-colored brickwork. Between the entertaining rooms are sliding doors of accordioning Black leather, và a portion of the ceiling is done in a rectangular lattice — again, suggestive of the intrecciato. “ I came here with very little furniture, ” Blazy tells me, “ thinking, you know, maybe I’m going béo build it up with phút giây. But the more I think about it, the more I think I’m going phệ keep it empty. ”

For now, the apartment is an interesting mood board in bohemian minimalism : a few woven rugs across the marble, some original art on the bookshelves & propped around the living room. A couple of chaise longues are covered in furry white-and-red fabric, with a woven-leather footstool in Blazyian yellow nearby. The kitchen — small, unfancy, pleasant — has a window with a sight line bự the Duomo : by conventional measures the best view in the apartment, but somehow, in this setting, a private decadence. As we leave và Blazy pats himself xuống dốc ( “ I can tell you which girl had which look at the show, but where I put my key ? Impossible ” ), I notice that the front door is a green much lượt thích the one featured at Bottega Veneta : Everything old can become mới ra again .Blazy’s idea of happiness, he says, is stopping by a café after work, having a beer or two, & thinking about images as people bustle all around. He takes me lớn his favorite, Bar Quadronno — the sort of place where students, pensioners, & neighborhood professionals converge for drinks & bruschetta before dinner. The waiters know him, & offer a small sidewalk table under a parasol. Blazy orders a Campari spritz. When he isn’t actively working — a rare phenomenon of late — he haunts galleries & auctions, trying bự see what’s going on in art .

“ I’ve wanted Khủng bring Bottega phệ a place where it’s more part of the cultural aspect of society, ” he says. There’s also his latest personal venture : the purchase of a house in Paris long owned by the sculptor Valentine Schlegel, who died last year at 95. Schlegel began as a ceramist but became known for her in situ sculptures — she designed Jeanne Moreau’s fireplace — và in that sense her own wholly resculpted house, which Blazy grew up next Khủng, may have been her masterpiece. With the help of an old friend, Blazy is restoring it for use as a shared arts space .

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