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​Laundromat Prices for Wash & Fold or Laundry Pickup & Delivery

The Laundry Van is equipped with 28 state of the art washers and dryers. Machines are brand new which will guarantee they are working and efficient. So check out our coin laundry cost. We will accept cash and card payments with an ATM available on site. Our laundromat prices near Baton Rouge start at $1 for washer start up and dryers start at $1 for start up. Staff will include on-site attendants that will assist customers to make sure machines are operating correctly.


Self Service Laundry Pricing

  • 20 lb Washer (4 Total)


  • 30 lb Washer (4 Total)


  • 40 lb Washer (6 Total)


  • 60 lb Washer (4 Total)


  • 30 lb Dryer (16 Total)

    $1.25 (32 Minutes)

  • 50 lb Dryer (4 Total)

    $2.00 (32 Minutes)

If you want to drop off your laundry and let us handle it the cost of laundry service is very reasonable. We only charge $1.25 a pound. We wash it, dry it and fold it for you! Our turnaround time is 24 hours but if you need it back the same day just let us know. There is special pricing for specialty items such as comforters and pillows. As you can see, our wash and fold laundry service prices are very competitive.


Wash &
Fold (Next-Day)


Per Pound

**15 lb Minimum Order

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