Is an AARP Membership Still Worth It? Best Benefits

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You may have received mail from AARP encouraging you mập join. But is an AARP membership really worth it ?

AARP Membership Benefits and Discounts at a Glance

Are there any real benefits bự joining AARP ? AARP’s Member Benefits page currently boasts more than 300 perks, including discounts on a wide range of products & services. In the table below, you’ll find just some of the discounts you can receive & resources you can expect béo gain access mập :

Category Benefits Available
Retail Naked Wines, Proflowers, FTD, Schwan’s Home Delivery, Walgreens, The UPS Store
Travel Avis, Budget car rentals, Payless Car Rental, Zipcar car sharing, cruise packages, flights, hotels, roadside assistance, travel planning
Restaurants Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Denny’s, Rainforest Cafe, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Landry’s
Entertainment Ticketmaster, Book of the Month, Ancestry
Advocacy AARP State Offices, AARP Foundation Litigation
Community Events AARP Near You, AARP Virtual Community Center
Healthcare Dental, vision, short- and long-term care insurance, pet insurance, Medicare-eligible plans, prescription medications

Are You Retirement Ready ?
For a complete danh sách of benefits và terms và conditions, you can visit AARP’s Member Benefits page .

Is AARP Worth It? A Review of Two of AARP’s Best Benefits

Based on current pricing, the most you’ll pay for an AARP membership is USD 16 per year. AARP’s exhaustive danh sách of benefits includes discounts that could pay for your membership the first giây phút you use them. To get an idea of how easily you can recoup the cost of joining, consider the following potential savings you can get on travel & mua sắm alone :

Is AARP Worth It for Travelers?

Whether you’re a frequent or occasional traveler, the travel discounts you can earn with an AARP membership can be well worth that yearly membership fee. AARP’s benefits page shows several travel-related oto rentals, packages và đơn hàng you can receive .
For example, you can get USD 100 off per person if you sign up for a Grand European Travel package for one of kết thúc 30 river cruises in Europe, Asia và Egypt. You can also save USD 50 mập USD 100 per person on guided land, river or rail tours by Collete .
Are You Retirement Ready ?
Here are some other travel perks members receive :

  • 5% off Vacations by Rail cruise tours
  • $65 to $200 off British Airways flights
  • 12% off reservations at Park Ride Fly USA locations, plus luggage assistance and airport shuttle
  • 10% off stays at a long list of hotels and resorts
  • Up to 30% off base rental car rates at Avid and Budget

What Kind of Shopping Discounts Do AARP Members Receive?

The many discounts you can get at local & nationwide retailers can also make an AARP membership worth it. For example, members get a $ 110 phiếu giảm giá for a purchase of $ 139.99 or more from Naked Wines, 30 % off gifts from FTD và 5 % phệ 15 % off products & services at The UPS Store .
Other mua sắm discounts include :

  • 10% off Laundry’s Kitchen make-at-home meal delivery service
  • 20% of your first $50 order from Schwan’s Home Delivery
  • Exclusive Walgreens Cash rewards

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you may wonder if an AARP membership can help you save on an Amazon Prime membership. Unfortunately, you won’t currently find a discount for an Amazon Prime membership on AARP’s Member Benefits page .

What Is AARP?

AARP is a nonprofit organization for Americans nearing retirement age. Members receive discounts on everything from healthcare & travel béo financial services, mua sắm & entertainment. The nhóm also provides advice on careers, caregiving & other topics important mập people 50 & end .
Are You Retirement Ready ?
AARP publishes “ AARP The Magazine, ” a print publication with celebrity interviews, health & tech feature articles, recipes, & entertainment trình làng. It was the most-circulated magazine in the U.S. in 2022 .

How Old Do You Have To Be To Join AARP?

Full membership is available mập anyone age 50 & up, even if you’re not retired or nearing retirement. Associate memberships are available bự younger individuals, although some benefits might be limited .

What Is a Good Age To Join AARP?

Any age is good béo join as long as you have reviewed the benefits & discounts & determined you’ll use them enough bự cover AARP’s membership cost .
AARP Membership Card

How Much Does AARP Membership Cost?

AARP membership is USD 16 a year. As of May 2, 2023, AARP is running a promotion offering 25 % off your first year when you sign up for automatic renewal, making your first annual fee USD 12 .
Other AARP membership options include :

  • $43 for 3 years: One-time payment earns you 10% off the annual rate for three years
  • $63 for 5 years: One-time payment saves you 21% on the annual rate for five years

How To Join AARP

You can easily join AARP using its trang web portal Khủng create your trương mục & pay for your membership .
Are You Retirement Ready ?

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the signup portal.
  2. Fill out the form with your name, birthday, address and spouse’s information, if applicable.
  3. Create an online AARP account using an email address.
  4. Select a membership duration.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the box.
  6. Proceed to billing.
  7. Enter your billing information and submit.

If you have any questions, you can tương tác AARP by calling 1-800 – 566 – 0242 between tám a. m. và tám p. m. EST Monday-Friday, or chat trực tuyến with a rep by clicking on the small red circular chat button on the lower right hand side of the webpage .

When Can You Start Using AARP Benefits?

Once you submit your trực tuyến application, you can start enjoying your thành viên benefits right away by downloading the AARP Now phầm mềm for thành viên access from your điện thoại thông minh. Your AARP membership thẻ should arrive in the mail in two phệ three weeks .

Drawbacks of Joining AARP

AARP is an advocacy nhóm, và as such, it lobbies national & state governments on issues affecting older Americans. That might be a good thing if you agree with AARP on the issues it tries mập influence — but it’s not so sánh good if your membership money supports initiatives you oppose .
Are You Retirement Ready ?
Another potential problem mập consider is the amount of junk mail your membership will likely generate, including from AARP itself. Early & constant renewal solicitations, sometimes leading people béo misbelieve that their membership is about mập expire, are a frequent source of complaints from current members .

Should You Enroll in AARP?

Is AARP worth it ? For most people age 50 và older, it’s a great giảm giá, as long as you’re comfortable with the group’s lobbying efforts và can stand the junk mail. Just one night in a khách sạn or a couple of dinners out per year can cover the cost of membership & then some .
AARP’s healthcare & financial discounts & resources are also outstanding — và especially helpful during your transition bự retirement. If you’re still not convinced, consider a one year membership phệ see what kind of discounts you receive & how often you take advantage of the other benefits. Considering how much you get for your money, you stand mập gain a lot more than you stand phệ thảm bại .
Claire Tak, Daria Uhlig, Cynthia Bowman và Cynthia Measom contributed béo the reporting for this article .
Are You Retirement Ready ?
Editorial lưu ý : This nội dung is not provided by any entity covered in this article. Any opinions, analyses, ra mắt, ratings or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone và have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any entity named in this article .
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