Does that identity serve you, or do you serve it?

From The Atlantic

You can be very true to your female identity and not be a superwoman, being imperfect.

From Los Angeles Times

The identity of the suspect is not known at this time.

From ABC News

As a result, identity theft has become big business.


When has stereotypes about your social identity affected your life?

From NPR

It’s an identity maker and a game changer.

From NPR

The teenage years also take on a strange luminance in memory; it makes sense that oldsters might use those reminiscences as identity building blocks.

From Slate Magazine

If so, we’ll walk you through what you need to know about protecting yourself from identity theft.


This gives them a newly found sense of identity and purpose.

From Huffington Post

How do you experience or understand this identity?

From Huffington Post

That was the identity that he developed for himself, and he reveled in that.

From Huffington Post

In some ways he felt trapped in the identity he had created for himself.


And it needs to do so while preserving the identity of one of the most recognizable online communication tools in the world.

From The Verge

Between them, they share a new identity, even with their own languages and cultures.

From NPR

The language for gender identity under the ordinance doesn’t say you have to dress like a female.

From Washington Times

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