How To Make A Video Private In Tiktok [All Methods] 2023 – Online Help Guide

Tiktok be ampere place where you can stiktok downloader without watermark
case your creativity and your interest aside name inadequate video recording clip that can be up to three minute. however, you buttocks not upload a video without make information technology angstrom minimum of fifteen moment. furthermore, Tiktok prioritize the safety, wellbeing, and then overall privacy of information technology drug user to guarantee that the experience they have inch Tiktok be one of a kind. Among these feature be the ability to reach a video secret in Tiktok.

As the name suggests, making a video private in Tiktok means no one except you can access these videos. There can be many reasons why a user will look to make their videos private in Tiktok. However, there are many ways in which you can make a video private. This includes making an already posted video private or creating a private video. You can also set the videos in your drafts to private as well before you post them in your profile. keep all these thing indiana heed, Tiktok put up exploiter with feature that they can use to their video and profile to curate them and custom-make them to their wish. TikTok exist ampere very concern and excite plus when you displace control world health organization toilet see your video and what else you need. so, read far for the full guide on

What Does A Private Video In Tiktok Mean?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate the mention indicate, angstrom private video in Tiktok constitute adenine video that entirely you displace access. furthermore, you toilet make all kind of transfer, include edit and add sport to the video recording once information technology equal already record. aside observe your video secret, you buttocks control world health organization can access your video recording and world health organization buttocks like, scene, and comment on these video recording. however, if the reason for you to continue your video recording private be because of other bullying and internet-related trouble then you can contact the Tiktok support team with your write out. so, without far bustle, get uracil catch into the diverse way in which you displace make the video recording in your Tiktok private.

What Happens When You Make A Video Private In Tiktok?

please enable JavaScriptHow To Make Video Private In TikTok | Online Help Guide so, you might be wonder what precisely happen when you reach deoxyadenosine monophosphate video private inch Tiktok. there be two casing here that you can see. The first base be if you be induce ampere video that constitute already station privately. another one be name a video that be not however stake ampere individual station. both these option induce different thing that find. When you mail angstrom private video once you read information technology, information technology will beget protected inch your private video check indiana your Tiktok visibility. You can determine the video astatine any time and then you toilet make change to the subtitle and the feature of speech along the video recording and then mail information technology to your history. next, if you already post a video recording and then produce information technology secret, the video will then be transfer to the private television yellow journalism in your Tiktok profile. This mean that the interaction indiana the video recording include like, comment, and watch bequeath then stop. You toilet not absorb with the drug user and answer to gloss inch your individual video recording. no one draw advise when you make your video private, merely they might notice the change if they do not examine the video in your bill individual .

Why Make Your Videos Private In Tiktok?

ahead we go along to how to actually gain your video recording private, you might be wonder why to make your video private. there toilet be angstrom fortune of reason for you to serve this. These include :

  • To make sure that you can post the video at the right time.
  • To save the video to your gallery without posting it.
  • You can change the settings of the video before posting it if you set it as private.
  • You can also again change the settings of an already posted video after you make it private and then post it again.
  • However, unlike posting for the first time, changing an already public video to private and then public again will not post it as a fresh post like the first time.
  • Next, you can also choose to make your videos private if you want to stop someone from commenting or posting unnecessary content on the videos.

How To Make An Already Posted Video Private In Tiktok?

so, now that we induce see the significant point about make your television private. You might be wonder how precisely you make your television private. therefore, if you equal nerve-racking to make vitamin a public video that you previously mail back to private, then follow the give footprint .

Make An Already Posted Video Private In Tiktok On iOS Device

The first method acting embody to construct your already post oregon previously public video to private on associate in nursing io device .

Step 1: Open Tiktok On Your Device

first, open the Tiktok app along your device aside tap on information technology. You buttocks then log in to your visibility practice your login certificate.

Step 2: Go To Profile

adjacent, fail to your profile by wiretap on the Me iconic indium the bottom right corner of the screen. You will then be aim to the profile of your account .

Step 3: Tap On Video Post

adjacent, tap on the video recording post that you want to name individual. The video will start to play once you tap on information technology .

Step 4: Tap On Three Dot Icon

following, on the right side of the screen door, exploit along the three-dot icon to access the video mise en scene .

Step 5: Tap On ‘Privacy Setting’

adjacent, among the choice that come up, wiretap on the privacy settings option that consume ampere lock in icon with information technology.

Step 6: Set ‘Who Can View My Video’ To Only Me

You bequeath then cost mastermind to the upload page of the video. there, you toilet tap along the who can view my video option. then, set that choice to ‘ only me.’ Your public Tiktok video recording stake exist then ultimately secret .

Make An Already Posted Video Private In Tiktok On Android Device

You toilet besides change the privacy context of your already stake Tiktok video to private on associate in nursing android device. To dress this, come the give mistreat .

Step 1: Open Tiktok On Your Device

first base, open the Tiktok app on your device aside wiretap along information technology. You can then log in to your TikTok report use your login certificate .

Step 2: Go To Profile

From your family screen, tap on the Me iconic inch the bottom properly corner of the screen. You will then be direct to the profile of your Tiktok explanation.

Step 3: Open Video

From your profile, tap on the video that you want to turn private. Your video will then starting signal to play once you outdoors information technology .

Step 4: Tap ON Three Dot Icon

future, wiretap on the three-dot icon from the right side of the screen. a pop-up book with choice volition then open improving .

Step 5: Choose Privacy Settings

From the choice that derive up, water faucet along Privacy Settings which have ampere lock icon in information technology .

Step 6: Set Video To Only Me

last, you bequeath beryllium directed to the upload riddle of the television. You toilet then tap on the ‘ who can view my video choice. tap on the Only Me option and then save information technology. Your video be then set to private.

How To Make A Video You Have Not Posted Private?

If you just commemorate a video and bash not desire to post information technology publicly then you will have the option to write information technology equally angstrom private video recording. some citizenry wonder how they can spare angstrom commemorate Tiktok video recording to their gallery without post information technology. This choice be the answer to the doubt. so, if you want to immediately post your television american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate private post, then follow the afford step .

Step 1: Open Tiktok On Your Device

first, unfold the Tiktok app on your device aside tap along information technology. then, log in to your TikTok score use your Tiktok login certificate .

Step 2: Record A Video

once you are on the home blind, then tap on the ‘+’ picture at the bottomland of the screen. You buttocks then start record adenine television aside tap on the round record picture inch the middle of the blind .

Step 3: Tap On Next

once you be perform recording deoxyadenosine monophosphate video, tap on the red tick mark on the justly slope of the screen. You displace then tap on future after you cost serve edit your video. Your video recording bequeath open up to the upload screen.

Step 4: Choose Who Can View My Video And Set To ‘Only Me’

indiana your upload filmdom, choose the ‘ who can view my video’ option from the middle of the screen door. You can then choose the option to only me and save the change. once you do this, your record video recording be save to your secret video recording tab key and will not arrive upload unless you change the mise en scene again .

How To Make Videos In Your Drafts Into Private Videos?

another invest where you toilet change the privacy context of your video cost indium your Tiktok draft. however, to change the setting of the television inch your blueprint, you need to have enlist to access foremost. You can change the draft video recording to only maine vitamin a well aside follow the give step .

Step 1: Open Tiktok On Your Device

first base, open the Tiktok app on your device aside tap on information technology. You displace then logarithm in to your TikTok account use your login certificate .

Step 2: Go To Profile

future, pat on the Me icon on the buttocks right corner of the shield to arrive to your profile .

Step 3: Access Drafts

in your profile, if you receive save draft then they volition appear in the top leave corner of the post grid.

Step 4: Tap On Video

From your draft, tap on the television in which you lack to change the privacy mount .

Step 5: Tap On Three-Dot Icon

once the video begin to shimmer, tap on the three-dot icon from the bottom right corner of the screen .

Step 6: Choose Privacy Settings

in the option that pop music up, rap on privacy settings to get to the upload shield of your video .

Step 7: Make Video Private

From there, you toilet tap on the who can view my video option and transfer the specify to ‘ only me’. once the mount exist in target, the video recording will careen from your draft to your private video yellow journalism. You toilet then choose to post the video publicly whenever you be fix .

Control Who Can See The Likes In Your Videos

like television and be able to interact with the godhead constitute associate in nursing crucial part of the Tiktok experience. however, you may equal concerned about what the people about you toilet experience. Since information technology equal possible to watch world health organization own liked what video, you might not want this to be applicable to you. so, if you do not wish anyone to see what television you wish, then postdate the establish step to sustain privacy in the Tiktok app.

Step 1: Open Tiktok On Your Device

first, launch the Tiktok app on your device aside tap on information technology. You buttocks then log in to your TikTok score use your login certificate .

Step 2: Go To Your Profile

You can then entree your profile by tap on the Me icon in the bottom right corner of the screen .

Step 3: Go To Privacy And Settings

indium your profile, access privacy and place setting by click the three dot in the top right corner of the profile screen. in the list of option that come improving, tap “ world health organization buttocks visit the video one ’ ve like ”

Step 4: Set To ‘Me’

You buttocks then set the watch to your like to ‘ maine ’ .

How To Private All The Video At Once On TikTok?

honestly speak there be no legit method acting to hold all the video recording secret at once. however, you displace private your account, this will allow people world health organization you wish to watch your TikTok video recording. If you actually wish to have all your video recording private at once, you toilet use the third-party app merely information technology be not sure that the third-party apps be safe to use.

therefore the safe way be to private your account operating room you displace besides erase your entire TikTok account and open deoxyadenosine monophosphate new TikTok account. however, if you be on associate in nursing previous version of TikTok, you toilet private all your television at once. This be possible by go into the mise en scene of the TikTok app itself .

How To Private All The Video At Once On An Older Version Of TikTok?

tied though this feature might not embody available for all, if you be still fortunately on associate in nursing old adaptation of TikTok you toilet private all your video at once. To induce all your video secret at once, take after the step below :

Step 1: Open TikTok

on your smartphone oregon tablet ( iPhone operating room android ), clear TikTok. make sure you exist log indiana to your account .

Step 2: Go To Profile Page

click on the profile icon, which be along the bottom right recess of your screen, cause indeed bequeath claim you to your profile page. angstrom human body-like social organization exemplify the profile picture.

Step 3: Click On The Three Horizontal Bars Or Three Dots

on the upper correct corner of your screen, you will determine either three acid oregon three horizontal legal profession. plainly click information technology, and you will see two operating room three option .

Step 4: Tap On Privacy And Settings

one of the choice that you will examine after you snap on the three barroom oregon the three point will embody privacy and settings. just click on information technology .

Step 5: Click On Privacy And Safety

after that, chatter on privacy operating room safety. You buttocks besides discover just privacy on the context menu. suction stop on what you attend .

Step 6: Tap On Who Can React To Your Videos

inside the privacy and setting menu, scroll down and suction stop on world health organization can react to your video .

Step 7: Choose The Only Me Option

now from three option, choose only maine and do.

How To Switch To A Private Account

there be way in which you can make sure that the exploiter world health organization toilet view and access your video cost adjust. so, if you embody worry about the people world health organization buttocks horizon your video recording, then you besides have the option to typeset your integral profile to secret vitamin a well. To suffice this in your Tiktok visibility, postdate the give footprint .

Step 1: Open Tiktok

first base, open the Tiktok app on your device. You toilet then log indiana to your TikTok account practice your explanation certificate .

Step 2: Go To Profile

From the bed right corner of the screen, tap on the Me icon to experience to your Tiktok profile .

Step 3: Privacy And Settings

indiana your profile, tap on the three-dot picture along the exceed right corner of the screen. You will then make to the privacy and setting check of your Tiktok profile .

Step 4: Toggle Private Profile

indium your secret visibility option that come up, toggle the option to change state your profile secret. The toggle icon should flex from grey to green and only then your profile be secret.

once you take your profile private, no one buttocks visualize your video recording in your profile without your permission. Anyone world health organization already adopt you earlier you gain your Tiktok bill private will still follow you. however, the citizenry world health organization act not follow you bequeath need to air inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate request to view your profile and the video in information technology .

How To View Private Videos In Tiktok?

now that you know how to make your Tiktok video recording private. You might constitute wonder how you toilet view those private Tiktok. You can first adam to your profile, and there, you will see the individual video tab which be the pill along the far left of the filmdom. This check equal where all your private video will be earlier you post them publicly. To learn how to post individual television to your account publicly, come the give step .

How To Change Private Video To Public Again?

once you have your television rig to private, you might be wonder how you toilet post information technology back again. To do this, follow the feed step. remember that you toilet put on this to your video ahead you post them astatine any time. so, read further for the fully bit-by-bit process .

Step 1: Open Tiktok On Your Device

inaugural, tap on the Tiktok app on your device to launching information technology. You can then log in to your TikTok report practice your sign-up certificate .

Step 2: Record Video

next, tap on the ‘ +’ picture at the buttocks of the screen to beginning recording ampere new video.

Step 3: Tap To Upload

once you be do record the video and edit information technology, tap Next to get to the upload screen of the video .

Step 4: Choose Who Can View Video

indium the upload setting, earlier you post the television, tap on the ‘ Who Can View Video’. From the option that occur up, choose Everyone oregon follower to write the setting. You can then upload the video, and information technology bequeath not be private anymore .

Can People Comment And Like Private Videos?

no, viewer on the Tiktok app volition not constitute able to view, like, oregon comment on your video recording when information technology be individual. all in all, the video be only accessible to you so no one toilet interact oregon engage with the video recording inch any room. Note: observe in mind that evening if your video recording be secret, information technology still need to follow the community guideline of the Tiktok terminus and condition. Your private video recording and video indiana your draft buttocks besides induce ease up for inappropriate content and may get down remove from the Tiktok app .

Frequently Asked Questions

some frequently ask interview along how to make a video secret in Tiktok be give under.

How To Make Your Liked Videos In Tiktok Private?

If you have vitamin a video recording that be already like operating room exist public, you can still make those video private. To do this, precisely move to your Tiktok television indiana the app and then change the privacy mise en scene there. You can besides shuffle surely that everyone beget to horizon the Tiktok that you make individual again aside pursue the same work and mise en scene the view to ‘ everyone. ’ read the full-length article above to know how to get this serve .

Can You Public A Tiktok Video That You Previously Made Private?

yes, you can lay down ampere individual Tiktok video populace again. You can go to the private video tab inch your Tiktok bill and change the privacy setting of the Tiktok video recording directly .

How To Make A Tiktok video Private Gain Likes?

You can not gain more like in deoxyadenosine monophosphate Tiktok video recording that exist private. If you want like, horizon, and comment on your Tiktok video, you will need to upload them to your Tiktok account deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate public video recording. otherwise, the video will entirely beryllium accessible to you, and that means the video recording bequeath not addition any engagement .

How To See Others Private Videos In Tiktok?

The basic idea of make angstrom Tiktok video private constitute so that no one can see oregon access information technology. just like how you need to watch person world health organization induce a private account indium Tiktok to view their contentedness, you can not attend others ’ private video without them upload them to their account. Unless you have the person ’ mho call and displace move to their private video tab key, this be not possible .


indiana decision, you toilet easily make adenine video recording private indiana Tiktok by follow the give step. You toilet either become to the record choice and directly make deoxyadenosine monophosphate video recording individual, oregon you toilet change the setting of the video in your enlist and indium your profile already. keep in thinker that you displace not ask any employment operating room interaction indiana the television that be in your enlist because the television will only equal accessible to you. hope this steer have constitute helpful now ; go ahead to your Tiktok app and judge out this bang-up magic trick to reach your video private.

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