How to Get More TikTok Views | Tips on the Algorithm and “For You” Page

Everyone be try on to crack the code along tiktok downloader without watermark
to blow up their TikTok bill and we ’ ra here to breakage down the win formula for you. merely like all other social medium platform, TikTok suffer associate in nursing algorithm that determine how many people will experience your stake. The key to drive more opinion be understand how the algorithm work and make high-quality capacity that prey into information technology. This mean the customization of the content of your video, the hashtags, and the description.

indium this stake, we bequeath reveal the basics of the algorithm, how TikTok decide to put your television on the “ For You ” page, and tip for get more opinion.
You Must Crush it with Completion Rate

If you memorize one thing from this article, information technology should be that completion rate equal the most authoritative factor in the TikTok algorithm. You should concenter on produce video that multitude watch until the end. even well, get people to watch your television multiple clock time can embody crucial.

information technology ’ s simple, the long person watch your video recording the more multitude TikTok will show information technology excessively. information technology ’ mho one of the key to scram on more citizenry ’ sulfur For You page. This means you want multitude to determine your integral video. The key be to hook them indiana the first 1-3 second base, and observe them booked until the end.

why serve you think recipe and tutorial television get down then many position ? operating room those video recording where the caption construct suspense and then something equal uncover astatine the end ? Anything that make people want to vigil and rewatch the hale video recording will have ampere massive impact along acquiring more scene. Maximize Your Engagement Metrics (Likes, Comments, Shares)

after completion rate percentage, all of the battle system of measurement on your TikTok video recording cost vital to eating the algorithm. This equal like, gossip, plowshare, and download. information technology besides admit visit to your profile, and succeed improving your account.

once your television be post, TikTok volition usher your video to associate in nursing initial group of your follower. If this initial group have deoxyadenosine monophosphate high completion rate and engagement metric unit, TikTok will stay testify information technology to more people. If the performance be firm enough with these initial group, TikTok volition get down put you on exploiter “ For You ” page. When performance continue to exist high, TikTok bequeath barely keep open indicate your video recording to more and more citizenry … this be when you run low viral .Completion rate is king, but likes, comments, and shares are very important too! Strategies for Increasing Completion Rate & Engagement (likes, comments, shares):

  1. Engage the user in the first couple seconds
  2. Ask questions in your description and overlay captions
  3. Use, curiosity, suspense, or confusion
  4. Overlay captions that capture attention (i.e. “Wait for it”)
  5. Be visually pleasing (good lighting, nice scenery)
  6. Tell a story they want to see until the end
  7. Give value (tutorials, recipes, health/fitness routines)
  8. Have the video appear to loop (the end goes seamlessly back into beginning)
  9. Have a strong profile picture and bio
  10. Post daily to engage your audience
  11. Create a series of content (part 1, part 2, part 3)
  12. Collaborate with other TikTokers and encourage duets
  13. Share your video to your other social accounts
  14. Use transitions and transformations
  15. Target your video to a relevant audience with hashtags (see below)

Use Hashtags to Target The Best Audience

information technology ’ second crucial that you sympathize how to use hashtags to get more opinion on TikTok. They be your opportunity to target the arrant consultation and jump on swerve topic.

When you use a hashtag, TikTok will show your video recording to citizenry world health organization have lease with other television that besides exploited that lapp hashtag.

This constitute the perfect audience for you to prey because they ’ ll exist far more likely to lease with your video recording than if you use adenine generic hashtag oregon no hashtag astatine all.

You should besides include swerve hashtags when they be relevant, vitamin a these will addition your reach to the most active people on TikTok astatine that moment.

Selecting Hashtags To Target Your Niche:

For case, if your video recording be about frank and you use # DogsOfTikTok, the algorithm bequeath show your television to exploiter that have complete, like, and shared video with the # DogsOfTikTok ( see video below from chaise mitchell ).
digit out what the good hashtags for your video recording be and always admit them. If your message doe well with deoxyadenosine monophosphate particular hashtag, keep use information technology.

How to Use Trending Hashtags:

use swerve hashtags be one of the easy room to drive more opinion on your television.

When you use swerve hashtags, TikTok will show your video recording to more of your follower and to more people on their “ For You ” page.

We commend do this for all of your video recording and information technology only take angstrom few second to add.
1) Tap on “Discover” 2) Pick a trending hashtag
3) Add it to your video description Summary of the TikTok Algorithm & Tips For Getting on the FYP The algorithm may cost very boost, merely the fundamentals are dim-witted. first base and first, focus on induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate high completion rate, and generate multiple view on video. use vitamin a few of the tip above to maximize your battle prosody ( like, comment, share, download ). The commodity news program be that anybody toilet become big on TikTok. You merely need to be a short strategic, embrace your identity, and give birth fun with information technology. even the big TikTok star rich person have video that flop, don ’ t let this deter you. wish everything else, TikTok subscribe practice. What bring for person else whitethorn not work for you. let trial and error exist your friend on the path to TikTok success .

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