How to earn and spend coins in Anthem game

How to earn and spend coins in Anthem game

How to earn and spend coins in Anthem game

Learn more about Coins and how you can earn and spend them in Anthem.

As you play through Anthem, you’ll be able to unlock a plethora of cool items and gear including new emotes and drop-in animations for your favorite Javelins. These items can be unlocked by purchasing them with Coins, one of two in-game currencies available in Anthem. Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get more Coins, as well as talk about the different ways you can spend them.

How to Get More Coins

Coins can be earned through a few different means, the most common of which is just by completing missions throughout the game. As you play, you’ll earn a small amount of coins, eventually allowing you to build up your reserves.

On top of playing through missions, you can also earn Coins by completing various challenges in the game. You can view your open Challenges at any time through the Cortex, where you’ll be able to see the breakdown of all the Challenges that are available to you. Challenges here include tasks to complete with different Weapons, Javelins, and even Daily and Monthly Challenges.

Anthem challenge rewards
Some of the Challenges you can complete will reward you with Coins.

Of course, each Challenge comes with a different reward, so make sure you’re focusing those that earn you Coins if that is your overall goal here. You can also earn Coins by completing Freeplay events, as well as by opening up chests that you find throughout Bastion.

How to Spend Coins

Once you’ve earned a nice chunk of Coins, you can start spending them. One of the best ways to do this is to pick up various items from the Vanity Store. There are always new skins and items making an appearance here, and they allow you to customize how your Javelin looks as you explore Bastion. If you want to stand out above the crowd, then this is one way to ensure that happens.

Anthem Coin purchases
You can spend your Coins buying animations as well as crafting materials.

You can also use Coins to purchase items like Weapon Parts and other crafting materials from the store. Keep in mind that this can get expensive after a bit, so we don’t recommend doing this too often, otherwise you’ll run out of Coins really quickly.

Finally, you can also use Coins to purchase things like Emotes and Landing Animations for your Javelin. You can view these from the Forge, where you’ll be able to purchase them and set them to the corresponding emote key. Now that you know how to earn and spend Coins, head back over to out Anthem guide for more help conquering Bastion and taking down the Dominion.

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