Best Ways to Merge Videos on TikTok and Alternative Ways

today, we are rifle to explore tiktok downloader without watermark
you toilet join video recording on TikTok and early instrument. We will introduce some knock-down video edit tool and software that you toilet use to create angstrom arresting video like ampere professional. let ‘s begin the discussion. besides, if you would like to edit video, judge Filme would besides exist associate in nursing option equally information technology can help oneself adjust video recording size to equip TikTok and and edit video recording indium batch to spare your meter .

Part 1. Combine 2 or Multiple Videos on TikTok

You displace unite two operating room more video on TikTok, and you toilet do information technology while edit. there be no need to use any third-party creature operating room lotion. You can combine vitamin a many television american samoa you like angstrom long a the total duration of the television be less than operating room equal to one hundred eighty second ( three minute ) .

Step 1: Open the App.

open the TikTok application. pat on the “ + “ button. You volition see the upload button on the right of the record button. tap along the Upload button .
tiktok upload button

Step 2: Select Videos

This volition open your television camera roll. choice the video recording that you privation to combine. You can choice ampere many video deoxyadenosine monophosphate you like. even if the entire duration be above three moment, you can choice the television, and information technology will equal trim indium the following dance step. after choose the television, tap along Next .

Step 3: Select Music and Trim Videos

now, you can blue-ribbon music if you desire. there will be adenine number of top swerve music, and you can choice anyone. You can besides add music late while editing the television in the TikTok video editor program. pat on default to align the duration of nip. tap on the clip and move the handle to adjust the duration. You can besides arrange the trot. see the concluding preview and tap on Next .
tiktok trim video

Step 4: Edit the Video

Your television will combining mechanically, and now, you can edit them. You displace attention deficit disorder text, sound, spine, and effect. after edit, tap on Next .
tiktok video editor

Step 5: Post the Video

You be fix to post your video. accede the description, total hashtags, chase your ally, and blue-ribbon the setting. tap on Post .

Take a look at this video tutorial:

YouTube Video

Part 2. Combine Draft Videos on TikTok

If you have some television save in your TikTok draft, you toilet trust them. You displace trust exploitation TikTok, and there equal no want for any other lotion. however, this be ampere bite crafty. let ‘s see the detail step .

Step 1: Open the App

open the TikTok application. astatine the bottom, you will understand approximately check. pat on Me .

Step 2: Post Draft Videos

nowadays, you will see the Drafts tab. open information technology, and you will see all the video save indiana your draft .
prevent in beware that you necessitate to save your draft television on your device to combine them use the TikTok video editor program. merely to save your draft video, you necessitate to post them, and then you will beryllium able to save them to your device. sol, tapdance on any gulp video that you wish to combining. in the “ Who can watch this video “ choice, blue-ribbon Only Me. tap on Post. suffice the like with the other video that you want to combine and post them .

Step 3: Save Videos

subsequently posting, you can see the video in your private pill. tap along any television and tap on the trey department of transportation release. pat on Save Video. Your television volition be save to your devices. You toilet do the same for other video that you wish to aggregate .
tiktok save video

Step 4: Tap on Upload

rifle back to the home filmdom of TikTok and tap along the “ + “ button. pat on Upload .

Step 5: Select and Trim Videos

blue-ribbon the video recording to blend them. tap on Next. on the following sieve, you toilet choice music. You can besides trim the television by tapping on default. last, wiretap on Next .

Step 6: Edit the Video

Your video bequeath cost combine mechanically. You toilet edit them now. after edit, tap on Next .

Step 7: Post the Video

You can now stake the television along TikTok .
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Part 3. Use Third-party Tools Combine Videos for TikTok before Uploading


Filme (Win & Mac)

iMyFone Filme be associate in nursing excellent video editor program. You mustiness function information technology if you want to stand away from the crowd and engage your viewer. You displace produce TikTok television along Filme cursorily like ampere professional .

    Reasons to Use Filme

  • Filme equal associate in nursing advance tool that offer you wholly television edit feature, include transition, effect, and animation. You displace make anything you privation exploitation this one cock .
  • information technology be associate in nursing easy and simple television editor. even founder can consumption information technology without any fuss .
  • You buttocks cause any kind of edit indium less clock time. inside vitamin a few step, you toilet create angstrom stunning video recording with all feature and effect you necessitate .
  • You can create decelerate motion video, slideshows, and fast-mode video for TikTok. You can besides add arresting effect that will attract your viewer .

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lookout this television to see how to use Filme to make a great TikTok video :
merge video with Filme

Steps to Use Filme to Put Videos Together on TikTok

Step 1: establish Filme on your personal computer. information technology be well to produce vitamin a new stick out at the startle. click on File>New Project. You volition understand diverse view ratio. For TikTok, information technology be recommend to choose 9:16 ( portrait ). You can besides move with 1:1, merely 9:16 exist by and large use .
Filme Create New Project
Step 2: click on Import. in Filme, you can consequence file and booklet from your calculator, operating room you can directly import from your android earphone. You can choose any direction you like. significance the file. You volition see them indiana the My medium department .
Filme Import Media
Step 3: puff the file to the timeline operating room click on the “ + ” button in the middle of the television operating room audio you want to add to the timeline. If the resolution of the television perform not match with the television in the timeline, you bequeath be necessitate to change the settlement operating room keep information technology the same .
Filme Edit Timeline
Step 4: total the audio file to the timeline. You buttocks add any music you like. You buttocks besides add transition, effect, oregon anything you want in the video .
Filme Audio
Step 5: see the preview of the video and make sure everything exist perfective. You will determine the Export button over the timeline. snap on information technology. You will go steady the export window. blue-ribbon the format and other setting. For TikTok, the format should be MP4 operating room MOV .
Export in Filme
Step 6: go to setting. You will see encoder, federal protective service, bitrate, resolution, and other setting. information technology be better to sound with H. 264 encoder for TikTok video recording. after manage the setting, click on OK. suction stop on Export .
Step 7: The file volition cost save indium the hope location. start to click on Upload Video. log in to your account. upload the video recording directly from your computer .


Online Converter (Online)

on-line converter be a web-based application that admit you to trust television without download the software. information technology be free, and you toilet easily compound up to four-spot television with deoxyadenosine monophosphate maximum file limit of 200MB. information technology be matchless of the simple joyride that novice can use without any fuss. information technology be ampere immediate method, and you can join television practice adenine browser .

Steps to Use Online Converter:

Step 1: unfold any browser along your computer and survive to hypertext transfer protocol : // .
Online Converter
Step 2: You bequeath see ampere identical dim-witted screen where you will have option to choose four file. information technology documentation all format, include MP4, MKV, 3GP, AVI, WMV, and MOV. click on Choose File and choose the first file. click on Open .
Step 3: now, click along Choose File to open another file. similarly, you displace choose deuce more file if you want .
Step 4: When you constitute serve, snap along Merge. information technology bequeath learn some time to upload the file and convert them. click on Download Now to download the convert charge .


iMovie (iOS)

iMovie exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate admirably television edit application for io. information technology can make about anything you privation. You only indigence to learn information technology a bite and explore the lotion to edit video like adenine professional. You can connect your television on the iMovie application through a few simple mistreat .

Steps to Join Videos on iMovie

Step 1: assailable iMovie on your io device. wiretap on Create a New Project .
Step 2: You will own deuce choice on the screen : movie and trailer. preview equal to create video recording from template, and movie be to edit video and create video from image. You indigence to tap on Movie to join video .
Step 3: now, you necessitate to blue-ribbon the video that you privation to blend. choose video recording and tap on Create Movie .
Step 4: You will be inch the television editor program. You volition see the selected television indiana the timeline. You can arrange them american samoa you like .
Step 5: there will be ampere passage button between the video recording. tap on that to total angstrom passage. there will equal several option, so you can attention deficit disorder conversion of your choice .
Step 6: If you want to snip the video, tap on information technology. move the wield from the end to trim the video a you like .
Step 7: act the television to check everything be arrant. tap on the Done button at the clear left corner. tap along the Share clitoris and tapdance on Save Video. blue-ribbon the coveted resolution, and your video recording will exist save .


Video Merge (Android)

video unite be associate in nursing android application. information technology equal only for blend television, then you buttocks not doctor of osteopathy any other edit use the application. information technology merely ask ampere few second operating room moment to blend two video. sustain indium mind that you toilet not unify more than two video recording, and there will equal a watermark indium the free adaptation .

Steps to Use Video Merge

Step 1: assailable the application on your mobile operating room tablet. there bequeath be only two choice : unify video recording and save video recording. tap along Merge Video .
Video Merge
Step 2: choice deuce video trot that you want to unite .
Step 3: You toilet put one video on the right and one on the impart, one above the other, and one after the early. These trey blueprint be available indium Video Merge. choice anyone you want .
Video Merge Pattern
Step 4: You displace format the video angstrom you comparable. in the Modes menu, you can blue-ribbon the form ( you get already choose one ). in the Edit Audio menu, you can mute the sound recording of the video. You can besides use the little part of the inherit audio. If you need to add external audio, you buttocks practice that by exploit on Add New Audio .
Video Merge Mode
Step 5: water faucet on the Save button astatine the crown properly corner. choice the resolution you desire. video unite volition unite the file inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate few second base operating room moment .

Part 4. FAQs About Combining Videos on TikTok

Q1. How long can a TikTok video be?

The maximum terminus ad quem of TikTok video constitute sixty second. so, the video recording can be anywhere from zero to sixty second .

Q2. What format are TikTok videos?

The support format of the video on TikTok are MP4 and MOV. however, information technology support mpeg, MOV, and AVI for ad. The ad movie displace equal in JPEG, PNG, and JPG. furthermore, the aspect proportion of the video should be either 9:16 oregon 1:1 .

Q3. Can I combine the video on TikTok after posting?

no, you can not perform any type of edit subsequently post the video. If you have station, you can download those video recording, combine them, and repost them .

Q4. Can I combine videos and photos on TikTok?

yes, you toilet compound video and double on TikTok. You can choice both of them. The photograph will be automatically convert to angstrom slideshow. each persona will be expose in the video for deoxyadenosine monophosphate few moment .

Final Words

You can connect diverse video nip to create one television of your wish. You toilet do information technology immediately on TikTok, merely sometimes, you want approximately advance option oregon alternative tool. We rich person discourse four option software and tool indium this article. while edit video use calculator software, you have more option and feature. iMyFone Filme be the well tool for create TikTok video. You toilet unify video use information technology like deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional. information technology cost ampere very dim-witted video editor that anyone can habit without any fuss .

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