Cost of Car Batteries

Car maintenance can be burdensome và changing a car battery is no different. rent a car
ever, knowing how much you will be asked Khủng spend on your next car battery can prepare you và even save you thời gian và money .

This article will be addressing và answering the following :

This article will walk you through everything you need mập know about replacing a car battery including how much the battery & installation costs, how often you need Khủng replace them, signs of a low battery và factors lớn avoid that shorten battery life .

How Much Does A Car Battery Cost ?

Compared lớn other vehicle maintenance, replacing a car battery is relatively inexpensive. A car battery costs an average of about USD 100, however many different factors can cause this amount lớn fluctuate .

Mechanics say that a typical car battery costs between USD 75 và USD 120, while premium car batteries cost anywhere in the range of USD 90 lớn USD 200 .

The major factor that determines the price of a car battery is the type of battery needed. The most common type of car battery is the 12 volt lead acid battery và these sell for about USD 125 lớn USD 135. Another more expensive type of battery you might need is the 12 volt absorbent glass mat battery ( AGM ), which will cost you around USD 200. Thes e premium batteries cost more than the normal lead acid batteries because they are designed lớn power high over công nghệ in luxury vehicles .

Other factors that will affect the amount you pay for your next car battery are :

  • The length of the warranty
  • If the battery is designed phệ run better in lower temperatures

How Much Does Installation Cost ?

Mechanics charge anywhere between USD 10 và USD 100 in installation fees. The range of price is because labor costs depend on how long the installation takes và where your battery is located in the car .

One tip is that if you purchase your mới ra car battery from an tự động hóa parts store lượt thích Autozone or other big-box retail stores, they will most likely install it for không lấy phí ( You can also purchase from Walmart or Amazon ). Also, if your battery dies in an inconvenient place such as on the side of the road, điện thoại tư vấn roadside assistance instead of a tow truck bự jump start the chết battery or replace it ( tip : once driving after a chết battery, don’t start, the alternator needs bự recharge the battery ). CostHelper reported that some customers only paid AAA $ 119 for the battery và installation .

How Often Do Old Batteries Need To Be Replaced ?

Mechanics suggest that hot nhất battery replacements should be scheduled every two Khủng five years. Your battery’s lifespan depends on factors such as vehicle type, climate & type of battery. When you are looking for the right battery, look for one that is less than six months old. Consider the unique of lead & the battery case in addition phệ if you need it bự perform better in colder climates. Lastly, make sure the kích cỡ of the battery & both the positive terminal & negative terminal match up with your car .

What Are Signs of a Low Car Battery?

If you haven’t replaced your car battery in three or four years, you will want mập watch out for some telling signs that your battery may die soon .Signs include :

  • Dimmer than normal interior lights
  • Sluggish engine crank when starting your car

What Are Factors that Shorten Battery Life ?

Extreme temperatures are known lớn shorten the life of car batteries. In a climate with extreme heat, battery fluid can evaporate. Next, as engine oil thickens in cold weather, the car uses more energy, which can also drain the battery. For cold weather, look for batteries with a Cold Crank Amps ( CCA ) rating on the label. Also, removing the corrosion from terminal posts can extend your battery life. This corrosion will appear in a faint White or xanh fuzz & you can get rid of this by purchasing battery cleansing products at any tự động hóa store or make your own .

In order lớn make your own corrosion cleansing sản phẩm :

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda & tám ounces of water
  • Pour mixture kết thúc terminals
  • Scrub with an old toothbrush

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