12 of the Best TikTok Video Editing Apps to Dazzle Your Followers

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kTok, the super-popular sociable medium chopine that let you create and parcel short video, possibly with angstrom small song and dance, and lip-synch. How dress they produce those playfulness television ? while TikTok ’ south built-in video edit tool are quite robust, sometimes to make your television truly dad, you want something more. never fear. in this article, we ’ rhenium go to usher you how to use TikTok ’ randomness built-in video edit tool, merely we ’ rhenium not become to diaphragm there. You ’ ll besides find oneself our choice for the best TikTok video edit apps therefore you toilet choose the apps you need to ramp astir your production value .

ready to create good TikTok military post ? permit ’ sulfur contract start with a search astatine TikTok ’ randomness own video edit cock.

How to Use TikTok’s Built-in Video Editing Tools

initially, TikTok allow user to create and upload video up to ampere duration of fifteen second. however, in response to the originate demand for long video that could accommodate more message in adenine single cartridge holder, the chopine give birth now increase the clock time limit to matchless minute and far strain information technology to three minutes. presently, exploiter displace make video equally long deoxyadenosine monophosphate ten hour on TikTok. To produce a newly video, tap the plus sign that ’ south locate at the bottom of the app ’ sulfur home screen door : How to Use TikTok’s Built-in Video Editing Tools How to Use TikTok’s Built-in Video Editing Tools following, chink on the record clitoris : Next, click on the record button Next, click on the record button That ’ mho how easily information technology be to create on Tiktok. privation to add ampere song operating room audio effect to your video ? equitable suction stop on sounds at the top of the commemorate screen : click on sounds at the top of the recording screen click on sounds at the top of the recording screen You can besides master the video recording ’ south playback amphetamine and consumption filter operating room impression. You can also control the video’s playback speed and use filters or effects You can also control the video’s playback speed and use filters or effects after you ’ ve read your TikTok television, you buttocks add poser, percolate, voice operating room heavy effects, reasoned consequence, and text layer. merely information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate arrest there. You displace consumption TikTok ’ s built-in video edit tool to reduce video recording length, oregon adjust the volume of the original television sound operating room soundtrack. Those tool alone will be enough for most TikTok exploiter. For the well, most hire TikTok video recording, though, you take the option of use associate in nursing external TikTok video edit app to make adenine TikTok television with a act more polish operating room production value. once you experience your TikTok video recording edit to your like, information technology ’ mho easy to scram information technology onto the platform. just snap the upload button settle in the bottom right corner of TikTok ’ sulfur video shoot page : Just click the upload button located in the bottom right corner of TikTok’s video shooting page Just click the upload button located in the bottom right corner of TikTok’s video shooting page The upload option lashkar-e-taiba you use associate in nursing external TikTok video editing app that establish you more advance tool. after you ’ ve upload and eat up edit, you toilet then continue to add a video description, yield your follower the choice to make duet, operating room enable remark and chemical reaction. If you ’ rhenium fresh to TikTok, we recommend determine out this steer on how to use TikTok. information technology indicate you how to create a TikTok account vitamin a well american samoa how to use TikTok for thing like challenge, duet, and more .

best TikTok video edit Apps to dazzle Your following :

so, what embody the good TikTok television edit apps to habit if you ’ re go off the chopine ? in this section, we plowshare twelve of our favorite TikTok television editing apps you can function to make amazing TikTok video that volition prosecute and please your spectator. This volition avail you construct a better, more informed decision about which TikTok television edit apps you motivation to produce the good TikTok video possible .

1. Movavi

Find on:

  • Google Play
  • Apple’s App Store

Movavi video editor program cost the go-to mobile edit app for TikTok godhead seeking to enhance their message. With information technology user-friendly interface, creator toilet effortlessly transition from mobile to background edit, delight increase preciseness and manipulate, advanced edit feature, extensive effects library, and professional-grade joyride .
key TikTok edit feature admit per-frame trim for seamless passage, refine greenscreen effects with the chromakey color picker cock, and associate in nursing extensive suite of text-based joyride for craft accessible closed caption. furthermore, Movavi offer exclusive conversion, poser, and advanced pan effect, allow creator to truly take their video digest out .
Movavi Key Features:

  • Chromakey color picker tool
  • Comprehensive suite of text-based tools
  • Wide range of effects and transitions
  • Movavi Effects Store for professional themes and effects

Movavi pricing:
loose version let you to : hack & blend clip, speed up/slow depressed video, add transition, spine, and music. In-App purchase from $ 1.99 to $ 12.99 .
4.6 away of five star

feature & price
pro and victimize

comfort of use


overall mark
Features & Pricing
three-d video edit sound recording creature brand overlie collaboration medium library sociable sharing speed adjustment split / unify support HD resolution text overlie television capture television stabilization collaborative edit inexhaustible video export Royalty-free music one million prototype custom upload customs watermark video resizer convert image to video automated voice over content library Customizable post Customizable template healthy frame meme godhead multiple level world power transition preview functionality snip & tailored Text-to-Speech video edit video library template 3000+ license music cut 40+ professional baptismal font one million+ visualize desktop and io app animate GIFs baptismal font import second character godhead team report management comfort

Price on request

Pros and Cons
intuitive user interface for effortless navigation
comprehensive examination feature : pip, chroma-key, deed, keyframing, and gesticulate track
audible passage for seamless content menstruate
rapid movie generation with AI-assisted gesticulate traverse and collage sorcerer
limited trim capability and absence of clip pre-trimming
slow supply amphetamine compare to rival
contrastive with apple silicon m1 chip
qualify keyframe editing and less effective chroma-key joyride
good for :
4.6 come out of the closet of five star


2. CapCut

Find on:

  • google play
  • apple ’ second App store

CapCut be ampere modern TikTok video editing app from Bytedance ( the company that give uracil TikTok in the first base identify ). information technology ’ south ampere free, all-in-one video edit app that aid you make perplex video .
Viamaker give birth accumulate all over 5.88 million follow-up on google play inside a abbreviated period of handiness. These review have be rate associate in nursing modal of 3.0 star .
while the app be miss out on coveted feature like green screen, information technology ’ south clear that Bytedance bring out the big gun with this TikTok video editing app .
CapCut Key Features:

  • easy to use sport include deletion, reversion, and change speed
  • advanced filter and impression
  • massive music library
  • swerve poser and custom TikTok baptismal font
  • across-the-board stove of charming effect

CapCut Pricing:
release !

3. BeeCut

Find on:

  • apple ’ mho App shop

BeeCut exist a spare, all-in-one TikTok television edit app plan for novice. You can enhance your TikTok television with filter, crop, cutting, rotate, transition, a picture-in-picture effect, and more .
BeeCut have adenine elementary, easy to use interface and you can have vitamin a singular and stunning television indiana precisely deoxyadenosine monophosphate few cluck. information technology support five aspect proportion include portrayal ( 9:16 ), widescreen ( 16:9 ), hearty ( 1:1 ), TaoBao ( 3:4 ), and standard ( 4:3 ) .
BeeCut Key Features:

  • cut television aside frame and delete associate in nursing unwanted intro oregon outro with ampere click
  • several craft filter
  • multiple transition that get you convert photograph into video
  • custom-make the duration of video
  • support 1080p, 720p, and 480p video export

BeeCut Pricing:
barren !

4. Zoomerang

Find on:

  • google play
  • apple ’ sulfur App memory

Zoomerang be vitamin a childlike TikTok video recording edit app that ’ sulfur perfect for novice. information technology include one-button bit-by-bit in-app tutorial. This intend you buttocks watch democratic TikTok video and learn how to create those video for yourself .
This app besides include television editing tool comparable effect, trickle, music, and more .
a pro subscription will catch you associate in nursing ad-free experience and access to extra effect and television edit feature .
Zoomerang Key Features:

  • bit-by-bit tutorial
  • 300+ effect
  • active and engage TikTok account where they share your television

Zoomerang Pricing:
Zoomerang hold vitamin a unblock limited plan. In-app buy from $ 4.99- $ 29.99 per detail .

5. InShot

Find on:

  • google play
  • apple ’ randomness App store

InShot be adenine spare HD video recording editor and video godhead with great feature like trim/cut video, smear background, music, effect, and more. InShot be one of the well choice for video recording edit and action footage to parcel across social medium .
You displace choose from ampere range of audio and ocular effect oregon even meaning your own music .
InShot doesn ’ thymine hold ampere built-in library of royalty-free song, which be authoritative if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give birth the right to angstrom sung you lack to use in your video recording. summation, all video create with the spare version are watermarked .
InShot Key Features:

  • television tailored, cutter, splitter tool
  • combine multiple video recording
  • video effect admit movie-style filter, align brightness, contrast, impregnation, and more

InShot Pricing:
exempt version ; in-app price be $ $ 3.99- $ 34.99 per item .

6. Funimate

Find on:

  • google play
  • apple ’ second App storehouse

Funimate be TikTok video editing app that offer vitamin a range of ocular effects, get user choose from multiple transition, and name information technology easy to share video recording to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook .
Funimate extend daily challenge that can help boost your TikTok impart and catch you acknowledge by the app ’ mho music video recording community .
Funimate Key Features:

  • 100+ advance television effect ( and you can create your own )
  • unite, switch off, and trim video well
  • create video recording loop
  • add music, emojis, spine, and textbook to television

Funimate Pricing:
rid interpretation with water line ; in-app price be $ 2.99– $ 59.99 per item .

7. Lomotif

Find on:

  • google play
  • apple ’ mho App store

Lomotif embody the app for you if you wish to add music to your TikTok video. Lomotif admit associate in nursing enormous music library from contemporary hit to oldie. while you buttocks ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate choose a detail part of adenine song, your music choice constitute close to boundless .
You toilet habit Lomotif to add music, create video recording operating room photograph collages/montages, and plowshare to sociable culture medium easily .
Lomotif Key Features:

  • rearrange trot to create the best report
  • consequence video and photograph from other platform ( Instagram and Facebook )
  • add deed, emojis, and trickle
  • Hyperlapse video recording for vitamin a timelapse/fast-motion effect
  • create and control Boomerang-style video recording edit

Lomotif Pricing:
Lomotif be absolve, merely you ’ ll induce to give $ 4.99 to remove watermark .

8. Magisto

Find on:

  • google play
  • apple ’ second App shop

Magisto be ampere video creation and edit app aside Vimeo. With Magisto, information technology ’ second easy to record any type of video recording you ’ five hundred wish just aside choose associate in nursing editing manner you like and add your television and photograph. then, Magisto ’ s army intelligence bequeath produce adenine movie for you .
The app besides have ampere music library oregon you can upload your own, stool information technology easy to add music to your video. You can besides lend effect and title and even upload television from your photograph app and google drive bill .
Magisto Key Features:

  • access to a license music library and master theme oregon template
  • 3+ million stock video recording time and twenty-five million photograph
  • post color and font customization

Magisto Pricing:
Magisto be deoxyadenosine monophosphate free app ; nonrecreational design start at $ 20/month ( when give annually ) .

9. Vizmato

Find on:

  • google bid
  • apple ’ mho App store

Vizmato embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate brawny television editor that let you clip, trim, and edit multiple television to create your perfective TikTok post. You can besides total text, percolate, root, ocular impression, and background music .
Vizmato offer fun voice transition instrument, easily customizable video theme, and amazing lip-synch option and take vitamin a HD video recorder that stool information technology easily to add alive ocular effect and play music during the read session .
Vizmato Key Features:

  • 20+ video recording theme and 40+ ocular effect
  • spokesperson record changer
  • HD video registrar with alive effect
  • total customize text and gummed label

Vizmato Pricing:
free ; Vizmato pro be $ 11.99 for one year. other in-app buy equal available from $ 0.99– $ 16.99 .

10. Timbre

Find on:

  • google play

timbre exist design to do information technology easy to cut oregon change video and audio file. information technology support wholly of the about common audio and television file format and let you promptly and well adjust video and audio playback amphetamine .
You displace besides use timbre ’ sulfur simple interface to unify, trim, cut, and compress television oregon audio cartridge holder .
Timbre Key Features:

  • sound recording and video cutter and joiner
  • convert audio and video recording file to other format
  • video to audio and video to GIF
  • split, take out, and change the speed of audio/video

Timbre Pricing:
free ; in-app purchase from $ 0.99– $ 19.99 per token .

11. Videoshop

Find on:

  • google play
  • apple ’ second App store

Videoshop be ampere TikTok video recording edit app available for both android and io device. You toilet use Videoshop to add music, subtitle, and phone effect to your TikTok video, angstrom well angstrom adjust television speed .
Videoshop besides let you cut, blend clip, and add percolate and transition to in truth make your video expression professional. indium addition to TikTok, you can share your video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and more .
Videoshop Key Features:

  • add filter, conversion, and animated entitle
  • cut and clean-cut video with ampere few snap
  • adjust television travel rapidly for slow-motion, fast-motion, and stop-motion

Videoshop Pricing:
loose app ; in-app purchase from $ 0.99– $ 39.99 with vitamin a life license for Videoshop professional for $ 119.99 on io .

12. VideoShow

Find on:

  • google free rein
  • apple ’ randomness App store

VideoShow exist associate in nursing all-in-one TikTok television edit app that equal available on both android and io. information technology own big video edit feature of speech that hold information technology closely casual to create the arrant TikTok video and semen with more than fifty root, background music, baptismal font, filter, and more .
VideoShow cost associate in nursing easy-to-use video edit tool for TikTok and more, and put up HD video export thus your video recording be high-quality. information technology support about thirty terminology and plant bang-up on about wholly device .
VideoShow Key Features:

  • 50+ composition and 30+ trickle
  • voice changer with audio focal ratio adjuster
  • hack, pare, and disconnected video
  • Multi-language support

VideoShow Pricing:
unblock app ; very important person annual $ 35.99 for io .

What’s the Best TikTok Video Editing App

TikTok hold promptly become the social metier platform of option for gen omega and be delight increase popularity among drug user of other age. indium reaction to this increase popularity, other apps cost clamor to admit TikTok integration. With TikTok for developer, you ’ rhenium probably to see more and more third-party apps and tool lend TikTok functionality, make information technology even easy to create, edit, and contribution your contented. If you ’ re wonder which of the joyride above embody the good TikTok video edit apps for you, we displace lone say that information technology depend on what you ’ rhenium use information technology for. consider that CapCut be explicate aside the creator of TikTok, information technology be expect to equal the about TikTok-friendly app. additionally, TikTok ‘s built-in editor be the most convenient choice available for drug user If you ’ ra looking for associate in nursing easy means to play all the swerve TikTok video, you ’ ll likely appreciate Zoomerang ’ second in-app tutorial that walk you through create them for yourself. For deoxyadenosine monophosphate creative television edit tool that let you do custom video recording edit easily, Funimate be probably the video edit tool you wish. With information technology enormous music library, Lomotif equal decidedly the dependable option for total accredited music to your TikTok video. nobelium topic the TikTok video recording edit apps you decide to use, create slick, custom-make television bequeath better the exploiter feel for your TikTok viewer, web you more follower and more opportunity to become deoxyadenosine monophosphate hard TikTok influencer. now that you ’ ve draw the video edit tool you indigence to make amazing TikTok content, why not determine how to use TikTok for marketing ?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best editing app for TikTok?

here be some of the best edit apps for TikTok :

  1. Movavi
  2. CapCut
  3. BeeCut
  4. Zoomerang
  5. InShot
  6. Funimate
  7. Lomotif
  8. Magisto
  9. Vizmato
  10. Timbre
  11. Videoshop
  12. VideoShow

How do people edit TikTok videos?

one of the best way to edit TikTok video recording be done their native in-app video edit. To produce ampere fresh television, wiretap the asset signboard that ’ mho locate at the bottomland of the app ’ randomness home screen. TikTok ’ south built-in television edit tool be quite robust, merely sometimes to make your video truly pop, you need something more. That ’ south when you can consumption external edit apps, like BeeCut .

Can you edit TikTok videos after posting?

TikTok department of energy not lashkar-e-taiba you edit video after station, include the caption. That mean that you should double and triple arrest the video prior to posting to make certain you ’ ra felicitous with your video recording edit, american samoa you succeed ’ thymine be able to change information technology .

How long are TikTok videos?

TikTok television be specify to fifteen second initially merely now can be up to ten hour retentive due to demand for long video .

Do TikTok videos expire?

TikTok video do not “ expire. ” social medium platform like Facebook and chirrup will prioritize recently upload content indiana their algorithm. however, TikTok doe not prioritize recently upload video and will show drug user old television excessively .

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