Half Century of Mint Sets

This is the complete collection of Mint sets made by the U.S. Mint at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities from 1968-2008. Mint sets are composed of all the coins made for circulation that year from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. As a bonus, this collection also includes the three Special Mint Sets (1965-1967), which are composed of one coin with no mint mark of each circulating denomination.


This complete set ensures your collection will have all the State quarter series (1999-2008), the two years of special bicentennial coinage (1975 and 1976), and the last year of 95% copper circulating Lincoln cents (1981). This purchase also includes the last four types of dollars made for circulation: the Eisenhower dollars, the Susan B. Anthony dollars, and Sacagawea dollars, and the first two years of the Presidential dollars.


The Mint sets include the circulating coins of all denominations with the ones made by the Denver Mint in red packaging and the Philadelphia Mint in blue packaging. There are a total of 548 coins in this collection. Each coin comes Gem Brilliant Uncirculated and is sealed in its original government packaging with its certificate of authenticity.

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