[GUIDE] : Anthem How To Earn Coins (In-Game Money) And Shards

[GUIDE] : Anthem How To Earn Coins (In-Game Money) And Shards

You will surely have noticed that in Anthem there are two types of currencies. Coins and shards. We will detail here the different possibilities available to you to easily get coins (in-game money) and we will show you how you can get shards that are characterized as being a superior currency, therefore harder. to obtain.

FYI, you start your Freelancer career with 60,000 coins. These coins will allow you to unlock your first skins and other basic items for your Javelin. You will have to explore the world (the Bastion) and complete different tasks to replenish your crates. We explain the methods available to you to fill your crates with coins.

How to get coins fast in Anthem:

There are several possible methods, not all of them are equal in terms of the amount obtained, but this is what you can do when playing Anthem to get a source of money / coins.

→ Method 1 – Complete the Path to Glory challenges:

Open the game menu and check out the challenges tab. You will see that each time you complete a challenge you will get coins as a reward. There are daily, weekly, monthly challenges that will allow you to get from 200 coins to 2000 coins per completed challenge which will be a primary source of money in the game.

→ Method 2 – Participate in expeditions missions:

It won’t be uncommon when you take a tour of the game’s central HUB, Fort Tarsis, for an NPC to hand you one or two expedition missions. Be aware that you have a good chance of getting at least 2000 additional coins by completing some of these missions. Do not hesitate to consult the expedition rewards in the challenges tab of the game.

→ Method 3 – Complete the various exploration missions:

Still in the challenges tab of the game, if you consult the “Exploration” section you will realize that there are multiple tasks to complete. Most will allow you to get additional coins. These are often fairly basic tasks that require you to explore different locations in the stronghold or require discovering a number of documents for the cortex or locating multiple points of view. Complete these exploration tasks to receive coins as a reward.

→ Method 4 – With the alliance system:

Anthem’s main source of money is through the alliance system. Every 7 days, a counter is reset and you receive your pay. The more you contribute to the alliance, the more coins you earn.

☆ We have published a guide on the Anthem alliance system, we strongly advise you to consult it if you have not understood how it works, it is on this page that you can consult it: Anthem Guide Well Understanding The Alliance System, How Does It Work?


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How to get Shards in Anthem:

You must have noticed this second currency in Anthem. It is a kind of superior or premium currency that can be obtained by taking out the credit card with microtransactions, but not only! You can get Shards by playing Anthem normally without having to spend real money. Don’t go credit for shards…! Kidding aside, you can also get Shards by completing certain Cortex challenges and completing Weekly (Weekly) Path to Glory challenges.

Note that when you open your cortex (the in-game menu) to view your list of challenges, not all of them are unlocked. You must travel the world and especially the stronghold to discover new challenges that may earn you shards when you complete them. Shards are used to acquire customization options for your Javelins or to extend the duration of Agent Bonuses.

Anthem: how to make money fast?

Money is the main concern of those who want to play Anthem for a long time. Beyond the main scenario putting you against the terrible forces of the Dominion, and the work of optimization once you reach level 30, the game of Bioware also fully plays the card of personalization.

Quick money in Anthem: all skills

To offer you something to customize your javelin, two solutions:

  • With real money
  • With coins to collect in play

In this guide, we are not going to trick you into using real money to offer you what you want in the Store tab of the cosmetic seller. All the personalization content is in fact accessible for free, without spending a cent, simply with coins.

Granted, you’re going to have to explore the world for several hours before perhaps gifting yourself all of the cosmetic items in the store – the content of which resets every 10 days – but if you follow our advice, this farm can be fun more than a boring moment.

Missions and contracts

If you haven’t yet completed the various missions (main and secondary), as well as the contracts, go for it. This is the easiest way to collect at least 200,000 coins in less than a dozen hours of play. Note, however, that these quests are not repeatable.

The challenges of the Cortex

The challenges are located in the Cortex (second tab of the Journal), and offer objectives to be completed with coins as a reward. The amount varies depending on the difficulty, it goes from 500 to several thousand pieces. Feel free to focus on the simpler challenges to get started (such as those asking you to collect materials in the free zone).

The Alliance System

Full details of the Alliance System can be found on this page. However, note that this is very important to win several thousand Coins. All your friends can thus offer you a bonus according to their activity. To make sure you win the jackpot, be sure to maintain a high Rank, and have friends who regularly play Anthem. Every Tuesday, the amount won thanks to this means will be automatically sent to you.

The Way of Glory

Next to the Alliance System, facing Jak the Vein at Fort Tarsis, is the Path of Glory. These are challenges that have the particularity of being reset, and therefore of being repeatable. There are three different ones:

  • Daily (between 500 and 1500 Pieces)
  • Weekly (2000 Pieces)
  • Monthly (2000 Pieces)

They can ask you to kill a certain number of enemies in melee, or to collect several plants, but also to complete a Fortress … They are not complicated, and you can know your progress by going to the Journal > Challenges> Way of Glory.

Exploration of the Free Zone

It may sound silly, but exploration is indeed a great way to earn Coins as long as you optimize it. On Reddit, a user (Ayerun) has traced a path that goes in this direction, and which allows you to recover chests. In addition to parts, these also contain sometimes powerful items that you can deny if you do not need them.


In Anthem, you have two types of currencies: coins and shards. The former is the currency you earn in-game for completing missions, while the latter serves as a version of the game for microtransactions. Fortunately, shards can only be used for cosmetic purchases. So spending your hard-earned real money will get you a glowing costume faster than rushing contracts for hours on end, it won’t give you any extra energy. Everything behind the Anthem paywall is purely aesthetic.

Some purchases in Anthem can be extremely expensive, with some combinations costing over 60,000 coins. To put that into perspective, you can expect to earn around 2,000 coins for participating in a world event in Freeplay, and a little more than that for completing missions as part of the game’s main campaign. So save for those higher echelon costumes can prove to be a real ordeal, especially since you’ll want to spend money on components before each major mission. Fortunately, earning coins in Anthem is not that difficult, and you can earn a fortune passively just by playing the game.


Just playing only the Anthem campaign will pay you well. For each mission completed, you will receive a plethora of rewards, which will include a significant amount of coins that you can spend in Fort Tarsis and Launch Bay.

Besides the ostensible rewards you get at the end of each mission, you will likely be able to earn coins while exploring. At the moment, chefs and chests can deposit sums of up to 2,000 coins, although this has fluctuated somewhat over the course of the various demos and the full game of Anthem. As it stands now, it looks like Bosses and Chests are going to get Currency Drops, but while Chests respawn in later missions, they won’t contain Coins a second time around.

Anthem: How do you make money quickly and easily?

How do I get money in Anthem? Currency is an essential part of the game. You use it to buy cosmetics such as skins, new colors, emotes etc… On the other hand, software money can be bought with real currency, but it is fairly easy to farm.

The easiest method to get coins fast and to complete challenges. You can find a to-do list in the main pause menu. This list tells you both the challenge you have to complete and the amount of coins you receive as a reward. You will also find daily, weekly and monthly challenges. They will gradually become your logbook to obtain rewards.

The other specific challenges related to combat, exploration or even collecting cannot be repeated, so you will only receive one coin for each of them. In a nutshell, completing your Daily and Weekly Challenges will be your most convenient method of earning money, especially once a number of challenges have already been completed.

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