Grand Banks

This closed car smells of salt fish, the strong New England and commercial scent, reminding me of the

Grand Banks

and the fisheries.

“We’ll be on the

Grand Bank

to-night; but in a general way o’ speakin’, we’re all among the fishing-fleet now.

International Resource News-9 May 2008-Fairborne Energy Mails Offer for

Grand Banks

Acquisition(C)2008 ENPublishing –

But George, a BT engineer, said by satellite phone: “We have had a brilliant night’s rowing and expect to be off the

Grand Banks

in a day or so.

Available geophysical data suggest that the Newfoundland Basin contains a zone approximately 150 kilometers wide of thinned continental crust separating known

Grand Banks

continental crust from known oceanic crust seaward of a mid-Cretaceous period (about 118 million years ago) isochron, a magnetic anomaly known as MO.

Now, the

Grand Banks

slope has produced another scientific first.

Their former colleague Mark Stubbs, who along with George and Nigel was plucked from the ocean after their unsuccessful bid in 2002, is currently in a four-man boat off

Grand Banks

, Newfoundland, making his own bid to clinch the 2,000-mile record.

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