Balloon Arch (Rose-Gold Deluxe)

definition be you besides brainsick about rise and best way to invest in gold
? then we at PartyPro rich person the arrant balloon arch for your party ! dress you want adenine birthday oregon other party indiana manner ? then promptly order our chrome rise aureate balloon arch rise gold deluxe !
The balloon arch dwell of three different semblance chrome rosé, chrome gold and beige. These balloon total indium unlike size. You toilet therefore use them in a playful way to create the perfect balloon arch for your party .

decoration peak : combine this balloon arch with the decoration of the party ! For case with accessory operating room mesa decoration .
inflate the balloon and attach them to the issue balloon plunder. This way you toilet plan the balloon arch yourself ! This beautiful balloon arch be easy to assemble thanks to the fictile strip. You toilet just attach the balloon to the strip to produce adenine arrant balloon arch .
We commend use associate in nursing electric pump to inflate the balloon .
contents of the chrome Rose-Gold deluxe balloon arch :
1x Balloon strip (5M)
1x Double Sided Glue Drops
1x fishing line
2x Adhesive hooks for attachment

3x beige balloon ( 46CM )
50x beige balloon ( 25CM )
20x beige balloon ( 12CM )
15x Chrome-gold balloon ( 30CM )
25x Chrome-gold balloon ( 12CM )
15x Chrome-pink balloon ( 30CM )
10x Chrome-pink balloon (12CM)

The amber backdrop ( circle ) equal not include indium the software

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