Game of Sultans Guide: Vizier Upgrade cost details

in Game of Sultans, there are two main constraints to upgrade a vizier. They are Gold/coin and clothes. If you have a clear vision of cost then it will be easier for you to handle the other one. So in this article, we have presented the detailed cost that you need to know to upgrade your vizier in Game of Sultans from level 1 to level 400.

Vizier upgrade cost details

Level 1 to 100

LevelGold cost1 to 104.242K11 to 2029.065K21 to 30101340K31 to 40251.115K41 to 50508.390K51 to 60903.165K61 to 701.465M71 to 802.225M81 to 903.212M91 to 1004.457M

Level 101 to 200

LevelGold cost101 to 1105.989M111 to 1207.839M121 to 13010.036M131 to 140141 to 15015.593M151 to 16019.013M161 to 17022.900M171 to 18027.285M181 to 19032.197M191 to 20037.667M

Level 201 to 300

LevelGold cost201 to 21056.011M211 to 22089.747M221 to 230131.632M231 to 240182.721M241 to 250244.128M251 to 260317.028M261 to 270402.654M271 to 280502.303M281 to 290617.327M291 to 300749.142M
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Level 301 to 400

LevelGold cost301 to 310311 to 3201.069B321 to 3301.260B331 to 340341 to 3501.713B351 to 3601.979B361 to 3702.273B371 to 3802.597B381 to 3902.954B391 to 4003.344B

Hope this will be helpful for you. We recommend you to read the resource management for better and faster implementation of this chart.

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