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Where is the opportunity?

Every one of us has some kind of problems handling laundry now and then. It is the chore that has to be repeated several times a week and is time consuming and labour intensive.

If there is a neighbourhood self-service laundry that looks like this, would you drop in and get your weekly laundry done in just one hour?

There is indeed a big opportunity since there are few such laundries in Singapore.

Why invest in a coin-operated laundry?

Among many businesses, few stand to have great growth potential. Self-service Laundromat is one of the few that promises good returns and is a business that is relatively easy to manage. The benefits are:

  • Stable, mature and proven business. There are 27,000 coin laundries in USA, 16,000 in Japan and more than 1,000 in Taiwan
  • Provide service and solution to satisfy basic human necessity
  • Recession proof
  • No inventory, no writing off of obsolete stock
  • No staff and labour problem, totally self-service with no attendant
  • Customer provides the labour and prepay for such service
  • Cash business, no receivables
  • Can be a primary or side business

How should a coin-operated laundry look like?

This is what a modern coin laundry should be:

Well equipped!

Clean, bright and safe

Highly visible

Why is this business viable in Singapore?

  • Any HDB household is a potential customer – there are large items such as blankets, sofa covers, curtains that cannot be washed and dried at home.
  • Renters
  • Large families where washing is a daily chore
  • Dual income households where time is money
  • Tourists
  • Incidental customers whose home machine breaks down or home undergoing renovation

How much can I make in coin laundry business?

  • An average of above 30% ROI is achievable
  • Fast breakeven of between 2 to 2.5 years typically
  • Wonder Wash has the experience of operating self-service Laundromat and will provide financial analysis, detailing the investment required, operation cost, realistic revenue, pay-back and profit.

What can Wonder Wash offer you?

  • A well organised and tested self-service laundry system
  • A franchise program that give you a peace of mind
  • Start-up and continuous support
  • A brand name that gains wide acceptance for quality wash in Singapore

Why Hesitate?

Every major housing estate could easily accommodate ten or more coin-operated Laundromats and that means hundreds of such outlets is possible in the next five to ten years.

Why hesitate? Join the fastest growing business now, join Wonder Wash Self-service Laundromat Franchise!

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