Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get Aglaia Coins (& What They Do)

With the release of Patch 6.1, Final Fantasy XIV players can earn Aglaia Coins, a new trophy available for completing the new 24-player alliance raid.

Players in Final Fantasy XIV have a load of new content available after the release of FFXIV’s Patch 6.1, which included the introduction of the Aglaia Coin trophy. Aglaia Coins are the newest raid currency to be added to FFXIV, which can be used to get some of the strongest gear currently available in the game. Like other raid currencies, Aglaia Coins are untradeable trophies, meaning they take up an inventory slot on your character and must be traded to a specific NPC to get a reward. The rewards from this new currency will be highly desired by all kinds of players, making acquiring Aglaia coins an important part of life in Patch 6.1.


Players looking to acquire an Aglaia Coin can do so by completing FFXIV’s newest Alliance Raid, Myths of the Realm. After defeating the final boss of the Aglaia raid, each player present will be able to earn an Aglaia Coin. Currently, players can only receive one coin per week, a limitation usually lifted in later patches. Therefore, players looking to gear up quickly will want to make sure to complete Aglaia at least once per week.

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Players can trade in their Aglaia Coins for upgrade components used to upgrade the ilvl 590 Radiant gear to the ilvl 600 Augmented Radiant Gear. Additionally, players can either purchase Radiant Twine to upgrade armor pieces or buy Radiant Coating to upgrade accessories. Radiant Twine and Radiant Coating were previously only available from the Savage Tier of Final Fantasy XIV’s Pandaemonium raids. The upgraded version these items create is not only stronger than the base equipment but also becomes dyeable.

Where to Spend Aglaia Coins in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV Where To Spend Aglaia Coins

Players looking to spend their hard-earned Aglaia coins can do so in the city of Radz-at-Han. Players can find an Au Ra NPC named Nesvaaz (X: 10.6, Y: 10.0) just north of Radz-at-Han’s main Aetheryte Crystal. In addition, by choosing the Out-off-this-world Oddities option, players will find a trade available for Radiant Twine or Radiant Coating. As of Patch 6.1, these two items are the only items that can be purchased using Aglaia Coins.

Players can then take this upgraded material to another Au Ra NPC named Khaldeen (X: 10.9, Y: 10.4), located just south of the Aglaia Coin vendor. Finally, players can trade in either the twine or coating and the tomestone Radiant gear to obtain the Augmented Radiant gear. This access to high-level gear is just another reason for players to play through Final Fantasy XIV’s Greek-inspired alliance raid.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.




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