entrepreneurs là gì ?

relating to someone who starts their own business or is good at seeing new opportunities to make money:

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used to describe someone who makes money by starting their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity and taking risks:
When machine and organizational systems became the tools of dominion, a curious recoding of the entrepreneurial “man of force” ideal took shape.
Aside from farming, their entrepreneurial activities were concentrated in small-scale industrial enterprises.
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Political savvy thus emerged as an additional, key entrepreneurial skill which frequently assisted business success in the post-colonial state.
The efforts of deputies to consult the population are noted and appreciated, and the reputations of entrepreneurial deputies spread outside their constituencies.
Resorting to national mentality has possibly been the most common practice adopted: a business class lacking entrepreneurial spirit, or insuf®ciently motivated by pro®ts.
In any case, this evidence suggests that entrepreneurial acumen is a necessary but insufficient basis for sustained development in a capitalist economy.

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Nigerian rural areas without a strong mercantile orientation nonetheless displayed notable entrepreneurial acumen.
Another small class has much the same household income, but receives this from entrepreneurial activity or wealth ; this is labelled the petty trading class.
For entrepreneurial households, business wealth constitutes a relevant fraction of their totalworth.
A new citizenship is developing, demanding that individuals be more entrepreneurial in their pursuit of access to welfare.




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