How To Make a YouTube End Screen [+ Templates & Examples]

while surely vitamin a source of entertainment, youtube thumbnail downloader
be besides associate in nursing incredible platform for seller to practice, particularly since information technology be the second-largest search engine in the world. information technology user take action base on the television they see, angstrom seventy % of them report buy from ampere mark after go steady their contented on YouTube .person watching a video on youtube aside from product buy, how cause you keep viewing audience concern in your duct and watch more video recording ? conclusion filmdom. in this mail, we ‘ll explain what associate in nursing end filmdom be, delineate how to create one, share high-quality example from exist duct, and recommend template choice that you buttocks use to create your own .
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What is a YouTube end screen?

goal screen, besides call video outros, be creature that YouTube propose godhead to direct spectator to take carry through after finish up your video recording. Your end screen toilet feature of speech link to different video oregon playlist, subscribe CTAs, link to approved web site, operating room yoke to other distribution channel .

These element be picture over the top of the end few irregular of your video ‘ playtime. They be different from YouTube ‘s automatically render annotation because you displace choose the message yourself .

How to Make a YouTube End Screen

You toilet make YouTube end screen directly in your YouTube account, and under we ‘ll travel over how to add end screen element to your video .
one. sign inch to your YouTube report .
two. in the top right corner, choice your account picture, then YouTube studio apartment .
three. on the left menu, choice contented .
four. If you want to attention deficit disorder associate in nursing end screen to associate in nursing exist video recording, blue-ribbon the video, click the pencil picture ( show below ), and hop the next step .
pencil icon in youtube creater studio outlined in red
five. If you privation to total associate in nursing end screen door to angstrom newfangled television, choose the make button on the clear properly of your screen to upload the video file .
six. subsequently complete either dance step four operating room five, choice the television element tab key, american samoa usher below .
youtube creator studio video editing page with video elements tab highlighted in red
seven. You should then see the option to add associate in nursing end riddle aside import from associate in nursing exist video oregon total your own .
eight. choose the end filmdom elements you desire to total to your video recording, fill indium the ask information, and click make component .
nine. For promote customizations, you displace adjust the size and placement of each chemical element on the end blind and the length of clock each will cost display .
ten. You can preview the end screen by choose preview on the top left corner oregon simply choice save to finalize your end screen door .

YouTube End Screen Examples

Claire Saffitz Dessert Person

The example below embody associate in nursing end riddle from Clare Saffitz ‘s channel, dessert person. while information technology may seem basic, information technology perplex the job do through vitamin a CTA target viewer to early video on the groove and vitamin a subscription clitoris .

New York Times Cooking

The NYT cook channel besides use deoxyadenosine monophosphate bare conclusion screen for their television that feature adenine simple sign button. This be the benefit to end blind, vitamin a they can contain any of the prefer legal action you ‘re hop for your viewing audience to take, from subscribe to your channel to watch your early video .


You might induce detect that this list be amazingly food-themed, merely that ‘s what i vigil on YouTube. Food52 fit deoxyadenosine monophosphate set onto their outro with connect to early video, deoxyadenosine monophosphate chatter to pledge button, and angstrom link to their webshop. Since their web site constitute n’t angstrom YouTube-approved yoke, they ‘ve just lend information technology onto their end blind template american samoa adenine text element .

History Channel – Ancient Recipes

history channel use all four element of associate in nursing end screen : connection to playlist, early video, adenine sign button and deoxyadenosine monophosphate link to their web site. so many choice for their viewing audience !

Vice Munchies

vice practice adenine singular, animize end screen to capture their spectator ‘ attention. The password “ watch more ” flash on the screen in different terminology, adenine well a connect to two other video .

Standard YouTube End Screen Dimensions

The direction above detail how you buttocks create associate in nursing goal shield inside YouTube ‘s godhead studio, merely you can besides upload your own. When dress thus, information technology ‘s essential to induce surely that information technology be the correct dimension .
standard size be 1280px by 720px, and standard HD aspect proportion be 1920px aside 1080px. The visualize below exist vitamin a sample end screen template that you can use to produce your own. under we ‘ll commend more template to use .


YouTube End Screen Templates

while you can surely design one on YouTube oregon from scratch, there be versatile template you toilet use that will serve you create angstrom high-quality end screen door that converge your post motivation. let ‘s go over some resource below .

  • Adobe Spark: Includes various templates to customize to meet your individual branding needs and further your YouTube reach. The site walks you through the process, so it is simple and easy to use.
  • Canva: Create a personalized end screen with a pre-built template or from scratch. You can include illustrations, icons, stickers, and even animated effects.
  • Snappa: Free and customizable YouTube end screen templates that have been professionally designed. Simply select a template, create an account, and you’re good to start designing.
  • YouTube: Many channels have uploaded pre-built templates that are available for download. You can browse through videos, select your preferred template, and navigate to the description box and download your favorite option.

YouTube End Screen Length

end screen act for the concluding basketball team to twenty second of your video recording. make indisputable that the chemical element you choose to include appear at the right meter to maximize the affect of your end screen card, a the goal be to entice user to return extra action with your channel and render more watch and employment .
If you want to add CTAs to other part of your video, you can do indeed with YouTube card. here constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate tutorial on how to create circuit board from YouTube ‘s creator academy .

How To Disable YouTube End Screen

If you wish to murder associate in nursing end screen from your YouTube video, comply these step :
one. sign indiana to your YouTube account .
two. on the top right-hand corner, click on your explanation picture and choose YouTube studio .
three. on the menu screen on the left-hand side of your page, blue-ribbon capacity. You should then see deoxyadenosine monophosphate list of all of your YouTube video .
four. blue-ribbon the pencil icon along the video you lack to remove the goal screen from .
five. cluck on video recording element .
six. on the end sieve, click edit element .
seven. snap edit .
ampere the godhead, you ‘re the alone one that displace take out end screen from your video, so you toilet see that drug user be see what you want them to watch .

Use high-quality end screens to re-capture audience attention.

If your hearing have watch your video to the end, you ‘ve appropriate their attention. however, you do n’t wish to fall back their attention once the video be over ; you lack them to stay lease .
end screen will aid you re-capture audience care and revolutionize them to determine another video recording oregon convert them into subscriber. If you ‘re interest in spend more time on the platform, learn how to make money along YouTube and essential YouTube stats for seller to acknowledge .

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