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Walmart. A household name for many, regardless of whether you’ve been spoilt for choice as an American, with their enormous big box stores or if you’re from anywhere else, quite literally, anywhere else in the world. Everyone knows Walmart. However, the question, on many people’s lips, is, “Does Walmart accept cryptocurrency?”

Does Walmart accept cryptocurrency?

The answer is yes and no. Last year rumours flooded the raging waters of the web that Walmart had kicked off a partnership with Litecoin. The story was ignited through the publication of a fake press release sending Litecoin (LTC) to the moon briefly before it came back crashing down when the rumour was debunked. Poor Litecoin. (whatever happened to this previous top ten crypto? Another article we’ll cover).

Despite the Walmart-Litecoin dream being nothing but a dream, the retail giant did kick off a pilot program last year that allowed customers to buy Bitcoin (BTC) via select Coinstar kiosks. Back then, Molly Blakeman, a Walmart spokesperson, confirmed that shoppers could exchange cash for BTC alongside the kiosk’s primary function of exchanging coins for paper bills or gift cards. The pilot kicked off with only two hundred booths that Walmart installed at its stores.

Walmart & BitPay.

While Walmart itself does not actually accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, customers can spend their crypto at Walmart with BitPay. BitPay allows consumers to spend their Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin via the BitPay card. Users can also purchase Walmart gift cards within the BitPay Wallet app or browser extension.

Walmart and the Metaverse.

Walmart seems to be making moves to enter into the metaverse. Announced in December 2021, Walmart has plans to create its own cryptocurrency and a collection of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The big-box retail giant filed for a number of trademarks in December to indicate its intentions to develop and sell virtual goods, including sporting products, toys, personal care products, home decor and electronics. In a separate trademark filing, Walmart stated that it would start offering consumers a native virtual currency and NFTs. As per the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office statement, Walmart filed for the trademarks on 30 December 2021. As per the statement, Walmart filed for seven separate applications.

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