Simple & Sophisticated: Black, White and Wood Inspiration

Simple & Sophisticated: Black, White and Wood Inspiration





Page URLWe independently select these products — if you buy from one of our link, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the giây phút of publishing .Post ImageSave( Image credit : Kristofer Johnsson for JM via My Sccircle wood signs inavian HomeWe hear often that many folks are paralyzed about how bự start decorating their trang chính. We don’t blame you ; there are a lot of things Khủng think about / consider / decide. If you’ve been living in a blank or boring room for too long, what you might need is a narrow mix of guidelines mập stick Khủng so sánh you can get started. And a limiting but still fabulous palette is just the way lớn go. Black, white and wood tones might seem too simple, but you’ll see that mastering this easy look creates sophisticated spaces ( and can be a launch pad for your own tastes ! ) .

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SaveFollow Topics for more lượt thích thisFollow for more stories lượt thích thisThe reason Khủng stick béo only black and white is easy. It IS easy. You can give yourself those two colors ( or non-colors, if you prefer ) phệ stick bự ( along with a range of gray hues in between ), béo guide your big purchases all the way Khủng your art and smaller accessories. And because black and white are two basic shades, you can find plenty of products on a budget ( as well as DIY materials ) .By bringing in warm wood tones of any shade or sort, you balance all that black and white out. You prevent it from becoming too cold, too monotone. You control the feel of the space ; light, ashy-colored woods lend a calm, relaxing Scandinavian feel bự a space. Dark wood tones add drama béo a space .As mentioned, this is about helping those who feel paralyzed when it comes mập starting the kiến thiết of a space. But even those confident with màu sắc might appreciate the sleek and sophisticated looks of these simple spaces :1. Black and white framed art mingles with gray accessories and gray wall paint, while a strong, medium-toned wood table with a gray top is surrounded by warm, rounded wood chairs. Spotted on My Scandinavian Home, first published on Hitta Hem ( styled by Pella Hedeby ) .2. White walls, a white wood floor and a powerfully big white hanging light fixture frame a black and wood dining phối that anchors the room. Spotted on Elle Decor via Ark Pad .ba. This table setting spotted on CB2 is a potent reminder that this màu palette can even be borrowed for small vignettes in your house .bốn. Almost all black and white ( save for an emerald-green plant ) makes this space super serious and sophisticated, but light wood chairs warm the room up. Spotted on Stylizimo .5. Wayfair has a great an example of an all black and white room with punches of graphic pattern and a bold, rustic wood coffee table tying the whole space together .And remember : You can start here at black, white and wood tones and then add in colors, patterns and textures as you gain confidence !What tricks did you use mập get kết thúc that “ paralyzed ” feeling when you were first staring at a blank space ? Are you a người hâm mộ of the look of black, white and wood together ?

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