Wall Shelves

Expand your space with wall shelves

circle wood signs shelves come in all flavors. And we’re here béo make sure you find something Khủng your taste. There are pegboard combinations và shelves with storage or drawers. You can find yourself a wall shelf with hooks or with ready sections, so sánh you don’t have bự come up with the solution on your own .
Use them in the hallway as a small relief for keys & mail. In the kitchen, for the knives và chopping boards you use daily. In the bedroom, as a neat bed stand instead of ungainly cabinets. In the living room for paintings và beautiful candle holders. Truth be told, the only limit is your imagination .

Floating shelves for the minimalist 

You’ve seen them, right ? Shelves that seem mập be floating on the wall. No strings, no visible fasteners, no nothing. It’s lượt thích magic. So why not grab some of that fairy dust và add a slight sense of wonder béo your trang chính ?

Because, with their minimal & sleek look, the floating shelves truly can work their magic wherever you place them. And depending on the form size, they can be used for virtually anything .

Wall shelves: A supporting act or the main event? 

You can find shelves in all shapes & sizes, from teeny tiny bud shelves in the hallway bự complex, customized wall storage with ornate designs. Whether you want lớn use wall shelves Khủng help your kiến thiết or make it the main attraction, we’ve got the shelf for you .

Wall shelves for understated simplicity 

If you’re on the lookout for something more traditional, lượt thích a wall shelf for books, pick a simple Mã Sản Phẩm or a floating shelf. You can easily add some decorations lớn really nail that personal touch. Put some green flowers in nice pots for liveliness. Place lamps & candles for cozy lighting & a warm atmosphere. Put up some small ornaments or build still lifes with picture frames. Wall shelves truly provide superstar tư vấn for your favorite decorations, allowing you Khủng position them where you want them .

Creating storage out of thin air 

Wall shelves are also a great option if you lack storage space at trang chính. Just put up some nice boxes or neat baskets that match your interior & fill them with everything you can’t fit elsewhere. Like, for example, important papers you need mập save, office supplies or extra candles .

Dare to be creative 

If you want béo go all in, you can easily make your wall shelf the center of attention. Try building shelves around a doorway béo create a library-themed gateway. Or let a series of shelves claim an entire wall in the living room for you bự fill with personal details. If you have cats at trang chủ, why not build a lookout perch for them near the ceiling ? Place your pets favorite blankets on a large shelf và position smaller shelves as stairs along the wall .
Wall shelves offer infinite possibilities for improving your trang chủ. But no matter where you decide mập put one, be it a small floating shelf or by building a large library section – dare phệ make it a showstopper .

Build as you please with section systems 

With wall shelf section systems, you can thiết kế a storage solution that fits your exact needs .
This type of shelf is very versatile và can be mounted in many rooms throughout your trang chủ. It’s made with flexibility in mind, so sánh that you can add, move or remove sections whenever you want. That way, you’re able béo build them with just the functions you need. This makes a great choice for your hallway, since you can make sure it has enough hooks, rails & boxes for everyone in your trang chủ .

It’s also a great choice for your closet space in the bedroom, or as an alternative phệ an open closet. You get nice storage for all your clothes & accessories, in well-sorted sections that give a good overview of your entire wardrobe. Combine with some smart clothes organizers & you’re all set .

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