Crypto Success Stories: Can You Get Rich Quick from Crypto?

After the digital currency boom in the finance sector, numerous investors and cryptocurrency traders gladly share their crypto success stories on how they profited and became millionaires.

Once positioning the financial sector in a new dimension, digital gold is now getting well-deserved praise. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other moneyed cryptocurrencies are constantly increasing in numbers and are yet to reach their full potential and worth.

Bitcoin is never behind whenever cryptocurrency is brought into a discussion. This payment system created in 2008 allows people to buy things and send money without banks or intermediaries. The most attractive feature is making transactions registered on a digital blockchain ledger without attaching names to transactions made.

In this article, you can read about some of the most exciting crypto millionaire stories mentioning the following famous crypto investors:

  • Erik Finman
  • Olaf Carlson-Wee
  • Roger Ver
  • Jeremy Gardner
  • Cooper Turley
  • Kristoffer Koch
  • Kingsley Advani

Crypto Success Stories

A couple of years ago, Bitcoin cost around 2,000-3,000% less than now. Therefore, in the beginning, many people who invested in this new asset turned out to be Bitcoin millionaires today. Cryptocurrency success stories help you get a better idea regarding different ways of investing and what it takes to thrive in the digital money market.

Let’s see how some of the richest cryptocurrency investors did it.

Erik Finman – The Bitcoin Millionaire Teenager

Erik Finman, known as the Bitcoin Teenage Millionaire, was just 12 years old when he struck a deal with his parents to allow him to skip college in pursuit of an unorthodox education, provided he could invest successfully. How? He had to turn $1,000 in cash that his grandmother gave him into $1 million. So Erik invested the whole amount in Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies when the starting value was just $12 per coin. That decision started paying off two years later when Bitcoin was valued at $1,200 apiece.

After selling a small part of his crypto holdings, Erik invested in the launch of an online education company called Botangle. The platform, which provided video tutoring services, quickly caught the attention of investors, who offered the 15-year-old boy to sell the business for either $100,000 or BTC 300.

He chose to be paid in Bitcoin, believing that this investment would help him win the bet with his parents, become the youngest crypto millionaire, and lastly, not go to college. Did he? Yes, when Bitcoin’s value crossed $2,700 in June 2017, Finman reached his goal and became a millionaire at the age of 18.

Erik Finman’s current net worth is estimated at more than $5 million. In 2019, he launched Metal Pay, a platform that provides people of all knowledge levels to learn how to invest in Bitcoin.

Crypto Kingpin Olaf Carlson-Wee

As a senior student from Minnesota working on his thesis, Olaf Carlson-Wee researched everything about cryptocurrency. At the time, Bitcoin was priced at $20 – $30, and he thought that buying it was a wise investment. In February 2013, Olaf worked for a cryptocurrency company Coinbase. He requested his employer to pay out his salary in crypto-money, as he firmly believed in its bright future. Following his instinct made him a millionaire and one of the most successful crypto traders.

After leaving Coinbase, Olaf launched the cryptocurrency investment firm Polychain Capital in 2016, which currently operates out of one of San Francisco’s most striking skyscrapers. The firm assured assets from venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital, Union Square Ventures, and Founders Fund and claimed $1 billion in assets in 2017. According to Forbes, thanks to Polychain, Olaf Carlson-Wee’s net worth is more than $4 billion as of April 2021.

Nowadays, Olaf is a 32-year-old well known for his unique clothing and crypto devotion. Now set for life, the youthful CEO remains based in NorCal’s Bay and owns a couple of breathtaking estates.

‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver

Roger Var, born in 1979 in San Jose, California, began his career by forming a company that quickly turned into a market leader while still attending college. Before becoming a professional crypto trader, he founded, which grew into a world leader in optical transceivers used by more than 100 companies worldwide.

When Roger first heard about Bitcoin back in 2011, the price was still under $1. He believed that this was one of the most important innovations and started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method in his businesses. Nowadays, numerous companies accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Apart from being an early Bitcoin investor, many agree that one of Roger’s most brilliant moves was investing in Bitcoin startups. These businesses have raised hundreds of millions of extra funding and benefit tens of millions of customers worldwide.

Roger Ver is often called “Bitcoin Jesus” because he was not just one of the first and biggest Bitcoin investors but also because of his full-time devotion to crypto and blockchains. Yet after advocating Bitcoin for years, Roger switched his preference to Bitcoin Cash, which he claims is truer to the original Bitcoin ideals.

Currently, Roger is a resident of Tokyo. He is active on social media, mainly using his Twitter and Instagram to encourage people to invest in Bitcoin Cash, which he believes is just about to reach its full potential.

Jeremy Gardner – The King of the ‘Crypto Castle’

Many people have become more prosperous because they’ve invested in digital money, recognizing its potential to deliver big gains. However, Jeremy Gardner, a Bitcoin investor, is one of the rare businessmen that fell in love with how Bitcoin works.

Jeremy started his crypto investment journey after extensive research of the digital market. He felt Bitcoin’s time was yet to come, and he began to collect it from his friends in exchange for cash. Trading value without any border limitations or centralized intermediaries made him invest in cryptocurrency even more. At first, he financed only a few thousand dollars in Bitcoins. Within a few days, he had already doubled his net worth. And at 25, he was a self-made Bitcoin millionaire.

In 2017, Jeremy needed a place to work on his market-forecasting start-up Augur, which eventually saw its value going into millions. He rented a three-story house in San Francisco and shared it with like-minded crypto enthusiasts and tech entrepreneurs. According to Jeremey, half a dozen of the Crypto Castle tenants have become millionaires from cryptocurrency.

Before cashing out some of his Bitcoin investment, Jeremy also launched The Blockchain EducationNetwork. This non-profit group educates and empowers students excited about blockchain technology worldwide.

Jeremy Gardner, with an estimated net worth of around $300 million, can proudly say that he has built a crypto empire by getting rich from cryptocurrency and spreading the know-how.

Cooper Turley – An Ethereum Millionaire

Cooper Turley is an investor and crypto advisor. He presently works with DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) such as Friends with Benefits. He does advisory for a decentralized music-streaming platform Audius and the Variant Fund, a crypto investment company. But how did he get there?

Cooper started investing in cryptocurrency in 2017 when Bitcoin was trading at over $2,000, and Ether only a few hundred dollars. Back then, he was still in college, working some ad hoc jobs and putting a couple of hundred dollars in Bitcoin whenever he could afford it. He was fascinated by crypto money and the blockchain as its core. While attending the music business at the University of Colorado in 2017, Cooper understood that Ethereum could change the music industry and started investing in it. He saw it as a chance to make a name for himself and become an expert in crypto investing.

In 2018, Cooper took some risky moves by investing almost all of his income into Ether when it cost only around $100, but he stuck with it. His determination paid off, and now Cooper Turley has a seven-figure net worth thanks to his early investments into digital gold.

Kristoffer Koch – A Millionaire by Chance

The Bitcoin value has significantly climbed up over the years, and Kristoffer Koch, an electrical engineer from Norway, experienced it firsthand when becoming a millionaire from Bitcoin.

In 2009, Kristoffer wrote his master thesis on encryption technology at the university in Norway. While researching the latest encryption applications, he came across Bitcoin for the first time. While studying, he wanted to experience crypto investment and purchased more than 5,000 Bitcoins for around $27.

Kristoffer now confesses that he didn’t know that this would be one of his best financial decisions. He hadn’t thought about his wise investment until 2013 when mainstream media started talking about Bitcoin daily. After realizing the value of his holding, he spent an entire day searching for the correct password to his encrypted digital wallet that made him a Bitcoin millionaire overnight.

After exchanging one-fifth of his investment, Kristoffer bought himself a cozy apartment in Oslo. He is currently out of the grid, presumably still holding on to his remaining digital fortune that fluctuates with the market’s swing.

Kristoffer Koch is one of the regular people who got rich from Bitcoin by chance. Don’t we all wish that luck?

Kingsley Advani, Who Played All-In

UK-born Kingsley Advani was in his early 20s when he got interested in the crypto market. While working at a software company, he invested all the savings and most income in buying Bitcoins. He even sold some of his possessions – namely his laptop and headphones – to fund his crypto endeavor.

Kingsley saw the full potential of the technology and trusted his instincts. These investments turned him into a young crypto millionaire in 2017. He has since quit his job and is now traveling the world as a financial advisor, handling conferences and advising startup business owners to make their own Bitcoin success stories.

Kingsley has shared to BusinessInsider that investing in high-growth assets and sending money without banks in your 20s is a form of rebellion against traditional finance.

Kingsley became a millionaire at age 24, after investing $34,000 and turning it into low seven figures in only six months. His wealth also comes from the early-stage investments in startups spun out of top universities, like Stanford, Cornell, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kingsley Advani spends most of his free time meditating and reading cryptocurrency research online. He optimizes time in front of the computer and believes that limiting the number of things he focuses on is a key to his success. However, as one of the traders who got rich off cryptocurrency, he recommends investing only as much as you can afford to lose.

Key Takeaways

Everyone engaged in the digital money market dreams of becoming a crypto millionaire and living a luxury lifestyle. What we know is that Bitcoin has been one of the best investments in the past decade and its economic upturn affected people’s lives overnight. Yet, is it too late to invest now?

Many famous Bitcoin investors such as Jeremy Gardner, Olaf Carslon-Wee, and Roger Ver believe that cryptocurrencies are only about to reach their full potential and recommend investing.

If you are a beginner and are still thinking about starting your crypto journey, read more about the digital market and learn how to obtain Bitcoin quickly. It is certain that knowing your way on the market, following, reading, and staying in touch with the latest news, is a way to become a wealthy investor.

Also, for all of us who have not become crypto millionaires yet, there is nothing more vital than determination and trusting your instincts. Other people’s crypto success stories might help as well. Feel inspired now?

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