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Clipped Planchet Error Coin – Straight Clip
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Clipped Planchets (coin blanks)
Coins that are incomplete due to improperly cut blanks. If the steel rod that punches out blanks overlaps a previously cut portion of the coinage strip, a clipped blank results.

Clipped Planchet Jefferson Dollars Certified by PCGS
Leaf-Shaped Die Dent Found On Minn. 25c
Wisconsin Quarter Die Hardness Tests Debunked …

~ planchet[edit]
A misfeed can occur when the metal strip is fed through the blanking machine. The punches sometimes overlap the leading edge of the metal producing a straight clip. Sometimes, the punches strike an area of the strip which overlaps the hole left by the previous strike producing a curved clip.

~ : a coin that has a portion missing out of the edge because the planchet was cut improperly or someone removed some of the metal.
clipping: cutting a small amount of silver or gold from the edge of a coin for personal gain.

~ Planchet – A planchet that was cut out of the edge of a strip that is missing a portion of the intended circumference (A straight clip), or a planchet that was cut two or more times rendering a round clip.

~ Coins
By Tyler Rossi for CoinWeek ….. Money equals power, and a ruler’s success often hinges on control of that power. The stability of a monetary…
Incredible Semi-Dated Elizabethan Gold Pound at Stack’s Bowers NYINC 2021 Auction …

~ planchet error.
These are the coins, which were accidentally ~ , chipped or cut. This occurs when the planchet or blank coin is not properly position, so apart is cut during the striking process.

~ A term for an irregularly cut planchet. A clip can be straight or curved, depending upon where it was cut from the strip of metal.
clogged die A die that has grease or some other contaminant lodged in the recessed areas. Coins struck from such a die have diminished detail, sometimes completely missing.

~ – Term for an irregularly cut planchet or coin blank. A clip can be straight or curved, depending upon where it was cut.
Clipping – Shearing or shaving from the edge of gold and silver coins for personal gain. Patterns and mottos are included on edges to discourage the practice.

~ English groats and half-groats (Edward Ill-Henry VI) in the Ulster Museum
Group A-groats cut down to make the larger denomination
O’Reilly Money – Edward III, pre-Treaty issues, London mint, ex Grainger coll., wts. 29.6, 29.1 and 28.8 grains …

Planchet with an irregularly cut or shape. A clip can be curved or straight.
Clogged Die …

~ – A term used to describe an irregularly cut planchet. The clip may be straight or curved.
Clogged Die – A die becomes clogged when grease or some sort of other contaminant becomes stuck in its recessed areas. This causes the coins that are struck from these dies to be lacking detail.

The ~ planchet error occurs during the stamping process, where thin sheets of metal are fed into a stamping machine that punches out rows of coin blanks.

~ planchet
Coin struck on an incomplete blank. This may occur when a blank is cut outside a sheet of metal (straight clip) or when the sheet is not moved sufficiently after a cutting operation and the next cut party overlaps the previous one (round clip). See also misstrike, German: Zainende Dutch: clip.

~ coin – A coin from which some of the metal has been illegally or accidently cut or shaved, usually around the edge.
Coin – A piece of metal with a distinctive stamp and of a fixed value and weight issued by a government and used as money.
Collection – The numismatic holdings of an individual.

~ eight reales cobs continued to circulate in Massachusetts at a prorated value based on a full 17 pennyweight example at 72d (6s).

* ~ planchets–coins that are incomplete because of improperly cut blanks, can sell for $45 and up according to one dealer
* Off-center strikes, priced at $500-$4000 according to one dealer
* Cracks and “cuds” where part of the design is missing, can sell for $100 and up …

Note: ~ edges, resulting in smaller and lighter coin than when originally minted …

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